Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fo Po Goob

Time to stop cutting slack for GOP's in house Fo Po Goob Grande'?

On substance, Senator Paul’s antipathy for American international engagement, and for just about any aspect of the 43's war on terror, is so strong that he:

 (1) was among only 18 senators (and only four Republicans) who refused to sign a letter demanding strong terms for any agreement with Iran on its nuclear program;

 (2) suggested that a nuclear-armed Iran could be accepted and “contained”;

(3) actually compared the remarkably humane American facility for terrorists at Guantanamo Bay to the American mistreatment of blacks and Japanese;

 (4) argued against “tweaking” Vladimir Putin and said that Ukraine is rightly within Russia’s sphere of influence, just when Putin was beginning to threaten Crimea — in effect, giving Putin a green light;

(5) later, was one of only two senators to vote against sanctions to punish Russia for its aggression;

(6) denied that Great Satan is in any way a “battlefield” for terrorists; and

 (7) hinted that years of aid to Egypt were wasted (as if decades of peace in the Sinai were immaterial).

And this is not even counting the senator’s long-standing advocacy for an ever-leaner Pentagon, even though the Defense Department already has borne the brunt of Obama-era budget cuts. Senator Paul’s dovishness seems to know no bounds.
Pic - "Great Satan Haters are soooo 2004"


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