Monday, May 5, 2008


Neocons and neoconism. Spoken in certain circles these powerful encantations may summon curses, spitting or faux obits - or worse - a retarded historical redux that will totally reinvent recent history to such a point that true and wanna be students find unrecognizable.

Critics tend to become nigh unhinged and try to paint risque landscape that such ideals are Trotskyish, unAmerican (code for Little Satan), dangerously arrogant, an eagerness to use the military to change regimes, attack enemies (real or imagined) and doomed to failure.

Neoism kinda promotes a moralist and idealist view of world affairs, a belief in America’s exceptional role as a promoter of the principles of liberty and democracy (Great Satan), a belief in the preservation and exercise of American Power - including military power, as a device/weapon/tool for defending and advancing moralistic and idealistic causes, and a healthy suspect of internat'l institutions (like the UN) and a natural tendency toward 'unilateralism.'

Anti Fans of America Unbound will generally deride daydreamy dreams like the essential "Case For Democracy" by Sharansky as a prelude to Imperial idiocy.

To those who fear Great Satan, the reasons are not merely idealistic but down right dangerous! (Just check in with Milosevic, Uday, Usay or Saddam - oh yeah - really can't check in with them - but their failed, played despotic wrecks of semi nation states can testify to that!)

So the wicked wacky Neocons are totally jazzed about the unlimited capacity of American power to effect positive change?

Even these deliberately retarded raison de etre create something recognizable, a foreign policy that combos an idealist’s moralism, with a realist’s belief in the import of power.

Where does neoism really come from?

America's commitment to universal principles built into Great Satan's founding framing docs. These principles are not debatable - indeed as Alex Hamilton laid it out- "... written in the stars by the hand of God..."

Americans know the truth, and do not admit alternate truths. Instead of playing the relevancy game Americans play 'Which one of these is not like the other?"

"Oh things for instance things like supremacy of democratic states over
tyrannies, which is just a very simply notion. The fact that there is not moral equivalence between a despot and a democratic leader, that we free people do not inhabit the same plane morally as terrorists

Democracy is the only legitimate form of government, and America as the greatest democracy is the most legitimate of all.

Unbridled freedom and lawful ambition - for bling, prestige - and power - has taken Americans outward for like the last 3 centuries.

In fact, the expansive, idealistic, and at times crunk and disorderly militaristic American approach to foreign policy has produced some accomplishments of world historical import—like ripping the guts out of Nazism, Japanese imperialism, and collapsing Soviet style collectivism - and some 'My Bad! y'all! and disappointing disaappointments.

It's not like all the successes were created by a good America and all the failures created by bad America. They were all creations of the same America.

The achievements, as well as the failures, are not really from innocence or sweet gracious purity of motive, and not because Americans lived by a make believe code of conduct in the world.

These achievements were and are archived because of the myriad of qualities that put the Great in Great Satan.

A willingness to accumulate, acquire and use power, ambition and sense of honor, to actually go out into the world and strike down evil if the need or even opportunity arises.

America's nigh indefatiguable spirit in defense of interests, principles - fairness - America's rejection of the same o same o and America's belief in change is unique. Without class, sacred bloodlines or holy tribal turf.

Are we really jazzed about throwing up our hands and abandoning the course?

Or, shall we recog what we are - embrace it, upgrade it and implement it?


Nikki said...

Excellent post! It used to be back in the day that liberals embraced human rights and adovocated such. The Christopher Hitchens of the world understand the only way to achieve human rights for all is to fight for it. The Richard Gere's of the world would have us believe that they being who they are can talk their way into a kinder and gentler dictator. 9/11 changed a lot of liberals who saw first hand the damage of facsist haters. enjoyed the read. :)N

Findalis said...

Very excellent. Carter tried to do foreign policy via human rights and look where it got us.

Teddy Roosevelt did it best. He said speak softly and carry a big stick. There are times that you have to use that big stick.

Beaman said...

Courtney, brace yourself, I'm actually going to disagree with you on something.

You said: "America as the greatest democracy is the most legitimate of all."

Steady on! It's a great democracy, no doubt about that, and indeed is and must remain the leader of the worldwide democracies. However, the most legitimate? As a Brit, that sounds a little alienating, plus I disagree! Can a former bus conductor (well, John Major at least applied even if he was rejected) become President in America without being a multi-millionaire? :-p

However, everything else you said, spot on! Long live Neo-Conservatism and America!

Findalis said...

Actually beaman let me tell you about one of our Presidents. He failed at every business he ever had, married late in life, became a soldier at 30 with bad eyesight (he memorized the eye chart), he wasn't a millionaire, he didn't even own his own house. But history has shown him one of the best the US ever had.

Who was this man. Harry S. Truman.

Beaman said...

Findalis: You are quite right regarding the great Truman and I stand corrected.

I still think it is easier in European nations for a man/woman of little wealth or standing to climb to the very top.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Thanks Nikki! I think the Neocns may need rebranding. History shows that it's neither new nor conservative but highly audacious, accurate and down right deadly to intolerants.

In the new millennium, America Unbound should be relentless with constant confrontation, selective intervention (a get the worst first agenda) and a champion.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Findalis. Thank you!

America's Big Stick is out there tonight - somewhere on vast trackless wates of ocean - within weapons range of any number of illegitimate despotries. USS Theodore Roosevelt is cruising with enough heartache to either completely kill or FUBAR at any time.

There is little reason to tolerate many of them - when they act out - they should get taken out.

Sharansky says in 'Case for Democracy' that Scoop Jackson used HR treaties and stuff as a backdoor to pound the Soviets to ease up on dissidents by having a measurable way to do it buddied up with goodies the Collectivists really wanted.

HR also helped topple friendly despots like Shah. In and of itself the HR has been marginalized by the UN's collection of thugs like Syria who sit on it.

Ever notice many intolerants have usurped the HR Commission - mainly because they saw what it could do - change regimes - not always for the better - like Iran.

Perhaps it should be regained by democracies and used as a weapon against unelected members of the UN.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...


It's cool.

Great Satan earned the 'Most Legit' Medal as the only nation to ever fight a civil war that put paid to slavery.

All apologies about alienation, touche' on the multi millionaires.

It is very comforting to know that in this crazy crunk era that the spiritual sons of El Alamein and Arnhem are right there with us all the way.

Findalis said...

Now might be the time to strike. Iran will have nukes in 1 year.

I believe that they are waiting to see who wins in November. If Obama wins, expect to see a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. And then mushroom clouds over Iran.