Saturday, May 10, 2008


Distress. Iran's bloody body part collecting minions force tiny tiny terrified tormented Beirut as Hiz'B'Allah savages her and has their way with her.

HBA has taken West Beirut - specifically taking Lebanon's communications offline, besieging the airport, capturing different sects' sectors and routing Hariri's 'Future' Party.

Hiz'B'Allah was pretty much built - officially anyway - to roust rowdy Little Satan out of Lebanon.

Since the naughty IDF split Lebanon back in y2K - HBA's legend d'etre' has become a legend de retarde' that still kills.

"The Legend of Hezbollah ceased to be after it turned its weapon internally
on Lebanon. In the wake of Nasrallah's speech and after declaring war on
Siniora's government; the party and its leader (the architect of the divine
victory) have been exposed for what they truly are."

Hezbollah's hijacking of Beirut, which it has been actually occupying
since the famous sit-in, has revealed that the talk about resistance was just a
cover and a big lie to which the Arabs have been accustomed repeatedly as well
as to believing it.

This lie about Hezbollah's resistance is one we have encountered often in
our contemporary history, and we still continue to believe it and argue over it
even though we know that it is nothing but a lie.

Lebanon's issue is not the airport or that of an officer who disobeys the state
and obeys a party's orders but the principal issue is the lie and believing it,
the lie that leads to the destruction of our nations.

A lie we saw in the summer war of 2006. Some believed at the time that Hassan
Nasrallah had taught Israel a harsh lesson. But what was the price of this

Of course, a broken Lebanon, a besieged government, ministers under house
arrest in a hotel, a state begging for money, and more imperative than all this
1,000 Lebanese killed, sacrificed for Nasrallah.

We are used to lies and have become accustomed to living with lies in the
Arab world; how else could Iran be capable of setting up a telecommunications
network for Hezbollah that operates outside the state's framework and then have
the party consider the communications company part of the resistance weapon,
just like the airport and the airport manager - so what remains of Lebanon as a

What is happening in Lebanon today is clear evidence that Hezbollah must be
disarmed and the state must impose its authority over all Lebanon and it should
not be in the hands of Nasrallah, Iran, and Syria.

Lebanon must be a state administered by a cabinet, not from secret hideouts

Have we forgotten that Sunni Hamas swept over and occupied Gaza and
declared a coup? And what is the difference now when we have a party occupying
Beirut, a group occupying Gaza, with Iran and Syria's support?

Hezbollah's legend has most certainly ended. But the price of discovering
the lie of Hassan Nasrallah and his party is going to be costly for Lebanon and
the Lebanese and the Arab world as a whole.

We are facing a new chapter that is as bad as the previous one in which the
Lebanese citizen will pay a very heavy price and therefore those toying with
Lebanon must pay a price that ensures an end to the era of violating Lebanon. "


Findalis said...

Lebanon has fallen. Its PM has resigned and it's only a matter of weeks before Hezbollah takes over. Iran now has a second puppet state.

Since 2006 the IDF has gone back into training. They started with their officers and then the rest of their reserves and troops. Problems with supply and equipment have been solved. And they've instilled a sense of purpose in their troops, reminding them that if they fail, Israel falls. The new motto you hear is "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!"

Karen Townsend said...

Great post, Courtney. I read a blogger from Egypt, Sandmonkey - blogrolled at my page - and he has a link to a blog by those caught in the turmoil in Lebanon. One guy was doing a liveblogging kind of thing day before yesterday as the gunshots were ringing. Really bad stuff going on there.

James Higham said...

As long as Lebanon is a political football, this will never cease.

Nikki said...

And who does Hamas endorse again?...:)N