Sunday, May 18, 2008

GsGf Vocab K- M

K - one thousand

K'Ssam - homegrown rockets

K'Ran - mohammedist holy book

kamikazi (Japanese) - 'divine wind' - storm that destroyed an enemy armada attempting to invade Japan in Medieval times. Upgraded to suicide aircraft in WWII deployed by Japan, upgraded again to include 911 attacks and suicide bombers

Katushya - Russian created rocket artillery, lesser variant of GRAD, fave rocket of HBA in the July August War 2007

Kursk - also known as Operation Citadel or Zitadel. WWII battle between Deutschland and Russia - largest panzer battle ever. Lasting almost 2 weeks, Kursk climaxed on 12 July 1943. For over 8 hours this enormous armored brawl raged unabated, slashing the orchards and churning the lush, green cornfields of a few square miles of upper Donetz river valley into a blackened inferno of exploding armor, wrecked burning vehicles and charred corpses - drenched intermittantly by downpours from violent thunderstorms. Over 2K panzers were involved. Deutschland never recovered from this decisive defeat.

Kursk Style - in depth defensive belts, bunkers, predetermined artillery impact areas, fixed kill zones.

LB. lb, LBS, lbs - pounds

Laffy Taffy - delightful assets possessed by girls

Land of the Pure - Pakistan

Land of the Pyramids, Pyramidland - Egypt

lame stream media - Name brand news

laissez-faire (French) - hands off

Leb - Lebanon

legit - legitimate

lit rate - literacy rate

Little Satan - Israel

love it to death - Ancient Hillbilly phrase roughly meaning never forsaken

Luftwaffe - WWII Deutsch Air Force. Luftwaffe pioneered concepts like air superiority, airborne ops, vertical envelopment and tactical ground attacks. More like flying artillery, Luftwaffe never really mastered strategic bombing. Developed and deployed 1st operational combat jets, cruise missiles and TV guided missiles.


Machiavelli - Italian emissary of the Florentine Republic to the courts of Europe. Author of "The Prince" - essential in any library. A declaration in plain language the conduct of great men and the principles of gov. This book is about ruthlessness and putting the attainment of goals ahead of any other consideration. Modern maxims like: "the end justifies the means," "it is better to be feared than loved," "if you fight the prince, kill the prince" to name a few.

Mahdi (Arabic) - "Guided One" mythical mohammedist, the 12th Imam who disappeared down a well in Qom, Persia about 1.2K years ago and promised to return one day. So far, no word yet.

Mahdi Army - Jaish al Mahdi. Shia militia created by Iranian mullahs and Imad to project force and caliphate or theocratize Iraq after Great Satan hit the hood. A copy of HBA, MA has acted out multiple times against Great Satan in open combat and losing their hide every time. Mahdi Army gave up electorally won political power in Iraq's 2004 elections and is fighting a losing battle for survival. Armed militia's were declared illegal by vote in the Iraqi gov. Currently being annihilated in Sadr City.

Manifest Destiny - After the British ran off the French and Spanish, Great Satan knew the future 48 was all hers. Drove Americans to take charge and act out diplopolitically like Monroe Doctrine and rowdy wise like creating Texas and fighting Mexico. "American self-confidence and a manifestation of the nation’s power."

marginalize - decrease appeal, desire or need for

Marine Nationale (French) - Modern French Navy, Commandos and Marines

ME - Middle East

Med - The Mediterranean Sea

MEK - Mujahideen e Khalq - an outlaw Iranian Mohammedist semi Marxist militia. MEK fought for Iraq in the Iran Iraq war and used T type attacks while exiled in Iraq after the war.

Minions - True believing servants of unelected regimes, T type orgs. Actualizers.

Mohammedism, Mohammedists - religion, followers of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Monroe Doctrine - Essentially tiny tiny 1823 America declared this hemisphere laissez - faire from Euro powers. 3 main concepts of the doctrine--separate spheres of influence for the Americas and Europe, non-colonization, and non-intervention--were designed to signify a clear break between the New World and the autocratic realm of Europe. Monroe's administration forewarned the imperial European powers against interfering in the affairs of the newly independent Latin American states or potential United States territories. While Americans generally objected to European colonies in the New World, they also desired to increase United States influence and trading ties throughout the region to their south. European mercantilism posed the greatest obstacle to economic expansion. In particular, Americans feared that Spain and France might reassert colonialism over the Latin American peoples who had just overthrown European rule. Signs that Russia was expanding its presence southward from Alaska toward the Oregon Territory were also disconcerting.

Mookie - Muqtada or Moktada al Sadr. Mookie 1st appeared as a rival cleric was hacked to death by a mob in Najaf right after Great Satan regime changed Iraq. As Mahdi Army Commander, Mookie set up religious rule in several Iraqi cities and acted out against Great Satan several times. Defeated repeatedly, Mookie split the scene pre Surge and recently admitted failure to fire up an emirate, caliphate or theocracy or delay marginalization anywhere in Iraq. Mookie is just like Mahdi! Both have disappeared and promised to return.

moolah - cash

Mullah, Mullahs - mohammedist clerics, preachers and ruling elite of theocratic Iran.


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There have been 10 people who have claimed to be the Mahdi, the Islamic messiah. Including 2 in the 20th century. None of them have brought forth the global caliphate, thus disproving their claim.

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