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GsGf Vocab A- J

act out -respond or pre empt by biz, diplo, military means.

AF - Air Force

AOE - Axis Of Evil - currently NoKo, Iran and Syria

Al Qods Force - Iran's revolutionary exporters - Official T org.

aide-de-camp (French) - personal assistant, secretary, or adjutant to a person of high rank, usually a senior military officer or a head of state. The first aide-de-camp is typically the foremost personal aide. Official initials of ADC

All Americans - 82nd Airborne Division

American Exceptionalism - 1st mentioned in Alexis de Tocqueville's essential "Democracy in America", AE is a remarkable commitment to liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, and laissez-faire values.

‘American exceptionalism’ refers to the belief that Great Satan differs qualitatively from other developed nations, because of her unique origins, nat'l credo, historical evolution, and distinctive political and religious institutions. Conviction that Great Satan is magically especial because she was a country of immigrants and the first modern democracy.

The belief in the superiority of the American model is reflected in the perception among Americans of America’s role in the world. That American foreign policy is based on moral principles is a consistent theme in the American discourse – a phenomenon recognized even by those who are skeptic of such an assessment.

America Unbound - originally a book by Ivo Daalder describing American FP from 2000 - 2004. Currently means unbound by the UN, the G8, Kyoto, the Hague etc - able to hyper power anytime anywhere if the need or even opportunity arises.

Amphib - D Day style Invasion

AQ - Al Qaeda

AQII - Al Qaeda In Iraq

assets - personal hide

asymmetrical - war between sides whose relative military power differs significantly

au contraire - (French) to the contrary

au courant - (French) at this point in time. up to date

audacity, audacious - intrepid boldness, disregard of normal restraints, unbound

autocratic - ruling with unlimited authority

avant garde (French) - vanguard, pushes the known boundaries of acceptable art sometimes with revolutionary, cultural, or political implications.

avec - (French) with

avuncular - like an uncle


BFF - Best Friend Forever

BGFF - Best Girl Friend Forever

B'Kah Valley - located in Lebanon and Syria - Bekah Valley is the hood for Hiz'B'Allah

Badr Corps - Iraqi Shia militia with ties to Iran

Bananas - totally incorrect

Bashar - Dr General President for Life Bashar al Assad of Syria

Basharopolis - Damascus. Bashar's Cult of Personality is intense and

Basij, Basijs, Baseej - (Persian) Mobilisation Resistance Force Iran. Created during the horrible Iran Iraq war - mostly young boys, teen guys, students, old men. Often unarmed - save for a plastic key to the gates of Paradise and a willingness to die for the Ayatollah. Basijis' were deployed in mass and/or human wave attacks. 

Recently upgraded weapons wise. Currently functions as a fashion posse, anti fun brigade and religious police these fanboys and fangirls are "active in monitoring the activities of citizens, enforcing the hijab and arresting women for violating the dress code, and seizing 'indecent' material and satellite dish antennae"

Bass Ackwards - an all original Great Satan phrase that means worried about the wrong thing.

Battalion, BN - Battalions consist of two or more company-sized units and a HQ. Most bns tote 3 to 5 operational companies. Designed to perform single tactical missions as part of a brigade's tactical operations. Battalions attack, advance, defend, delay. Field artillery battalions fire in support of any of these missions.

batty - insane

baybee - my darling

beaucoup - (French) too much

Be otche - A harder sounding B+ itch. Often used when stressed or in a heated talk. Used in conjuntion with other adjectives. 

Big phased cookies, big phazed cookies - taken from an ancient Rolling Stones CD, often means gossip betwixt girls when your 'rents snoop through your instant messaging logs

Big Red 1 - Great Satan's 1st Infantry Division

biz - business

bling - cash, gifts, expensive - the sound cash registers make

blitz (Teutonic) lightning attack from
'Blitzkrieg' - lightning war

Boi - boy

booty - treasure

Brigade - 2 or more battalions. Brigades combine the efforts of their battalions and companies to fight engagements and to perform major tactical tasks in division battles. Their chief tactical responsibility is synchronizing the plans and actions of their subordinate units to accomplish a single task for the division or corps.

Britania, Britannica - Great Britain

buddy up - alliance


Caliphate, Caliphaters, Caliphating - Turf under religious rule by a Caliph, promoters of caliphates, attempting to impose or uphold a caliphate

Cat, cats - person, people

CENTCOM - Great Satan's Central Command. "Central Command promotes development and cooperation among nations, responds to crises, and deters or defeats state and transnational aggression in order to establish regional security and stability."

chronic - weeded up, smoked up

Claymore - a large exploding 2 handed sword used for perimeter defense

COIN - a tricked out initialized military term from 'COunter INsurgency'. "Low intensity conflict is a political-military confrontation between contending states or groups below conventional war and above the routine, peaceful competition among states. 

COIN "... involves protracted struggles of competing principles and ideologies. Low intensity conflict ranges from subversion to the use of armed force. It is waged by a combination of means, employing political, economic, informational, and military instruments. Low intensity conflicts are often localized, generally in the Third World, but contain regional and global security implications."

collectivist - bolshevism, communism ala Stalinesque

comte de guerre ensembe (Faux French) - battle dress

Corps (French) - 2 or more divisions

coup - to overthrow or over turn

covert - secret, stealthy

Creative Destruction - originally from Werner Sombart's "Krieg und Kapitalismus" - "Out of destruction a new spirit of creativity arises". Innovative entrepreneurs create long term economic growth even as they annihilated biz wise old school companies of long standing.

Re branded after 911, Creative Destruction now means zero misgivings about Great Satan's ability to destroy tyrannies. Creative destruction is Great Satan's middle name. It is a natural function, for she is the one truly revolutionary country in the world for more than 2 centuries. She does it automatically, and that is precisely why the tyrants hate her guts, and are driven to attack her. An enormous advantage, tyrants fear her, and their oppressed peoples want what she offers: freedom.

Crunk - Chronic + Drunk , or crazy + drunk, euphoric, top of the line

cuz - cousin

Daemoneocon - demonized neoconservative, Straussian purist or Pentagon Vulcan guy

Daemoneoconess - demonized neoconservative, Straussian vestal or Pentagon Vulcan girl

Das Reich - (Teutonic) 'the Empire' also nom de guerre of 2nd Waffen SS Panzer Division in WWII.

Deets - details

Def - Define, Definition
Def Min - Defense Minister, Defense Ministry

Def Sec - Defense Secretary 

detente' (French) - in diplopolitical for a loosening of tension

Democratic Imperatives - Great Britain's Operational guide to regime changing the fun, friendly way., using every trick in the book - culture, entertainment, the internet, human rights, women's rights, disaster relief, the UN, trade etc. It also totes the old school regime change way at the point of the world famous M16.

Democrazy, Democrazies - True believers in the legitmacy of freedom of choice and democracy for everyone.

Despot - a single person who wields all the power and authority of a state 

Deutschland - Germany

Dif , Diff - different, difference

Diplopolitical - Diplomacy/Diplomatic + Politics/Political

Discombobulated - unable to think clearly

Diss - disrespect, discombobulated, disregard

Div - Division, Army or Marine Unit. 2 or more brigades

Divy - divide

Doofus - incompetent

Dossier - files

Drang nach osten - (Teutonic) 'Drive on the East'

egalitarian - belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic rights and privileges

eminence grise' - power behind the throne, the man behind the green curtain

emirate - fiefdom, sometimes religious, ruled by an emir

entente' (French) - Diplopolitical for an alliance

ersatz - substitute

esque - like unto

Europa - Europe


FP - Foreign Policy, Foreign Policies

fait accompli (French) -accomplished or presumably irreversible deed or fact.

Fashion Posse - Dress Code Police

faux - (French) fake

fatah - Ruling Palestinian political party in the WB

fanboys - militias, resistance movements, Praetorian Guards

fav, fave - favorite

Frienemy - Friend/Adversary/competitor

fiddling - developing

flotilla - naval force

feedback - response, fanmail, hatemail

fissile - neutronic weaponry

fronting - campaigning for, deception

fubar - Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition 

funintended consequences - actually, unintended consequences that benefit Great Satan or any of her hot! democrazy sisters. Example - those wild wack drone attacks in Pakistan - the meme is that these sovereignity busting killers are not only killing enemies but also rile up neutrals into raging enemies.

Au contraire!
Pakistani "people particularly appreciating the precision of drone strikes. People say that when a drone would hover over the skies, they wouldn’t be disturbed and would carry on their usual business because they would be sure that it does not target the civilians, but the same people would run for shelter when a Pakistani jet would appear in the skies because of its indiscriminate firing.

They say that even in the same compound only the exact room — where a high value target (HVT) is present — is targeted. Thus others in the same compound are spared.

"The people of Waziristan have been complaining why the drones are only restricted to targeting the Arabs. They want the drones to attack the TTP leadership, the Uzbek/Tajik/Turkmen, Punjabi and Pakhtun Taliban.


GB Fo Sec - Great Britain's Foreign Secretary

Game - skill or ability, a measure of smoothness

gender apartheid, gendercide - violence against women condoned by the state, tribe, militia and slave traders 

Global Domination - a fakebelieve term given by immoral isolationists and depraved realists to desexyfy Great Satan's Hyper Puissance. Often used to decry the awesome 1992 Def Plan Guide and most of history since, this pitiful scare tactic is often a dead giveaway - the user is either painfully ignorant of events au courant or deliberately deceitful.

Globestomping - name given to Great Satan's diplomacy after 911 

Gon - going to, gonna

Gotterdammerung - (teutonic) 'Twilight of the gods' a final, apocalyptic battle

Gov - government, governor

GRAD - 122-mm Rocket carried and fired by Multiple Rocket Launchers (MRL) Built under Russian licensure

Great Satan - United States of America 

grok, grokking - from Heinlein's "Stranger in a strange land" - to understand thoroughly and intuitively 

grrl - aggressive girl

grrrl - really aggressive girl.

Guadalcanal - 1st Marine Division


HBA -Hiz'B'Allah

HQ - Headquarters

Haj - pilgrimage

HAMAS - 1st freely elected suicide regime. Ruling in Gaza Strip, HAMAS is a T org

hang, hanging - hang out

harijuku - Japanese fashion.

hijaz - Arabian peninsula

Hiz'B'Allah - "Party of God" T org, most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans til 911 time. "Islamic Resistance of Lebanon" Currently usurping the last of Leb's sovereignity. Fav Quote is "Death To America" Created by Iran in or about 1980

Ho - A loose, immoral girl who takes other girls' men.

Ho Down - party, serious battle, conflict

holler - communicate, contact

homage - tribute to

homies - allies


honking - loud, out of control

Honor killings - the ultimate male authority/superiority complex. Life and death control over family and tribal honor. In 3rd world and/or Middle East, honor resides between the legs of sisters, girl cousins, aunts, moms, wives and girlfriends.

hood, hoodies, hoodmates - neighborhood, neighbors

hook, hooking, hooked up - buddy up, meet up

hootchie, hoochie - a girl, grrl or grrrl hottie who is a flirt

Hosni - Egypt's President for Life Hosni Mubarrak

Hottie -A very attractive person; male or female, makes others burn with desire

Hudna (Arabic) - Reload, Resupply, Redeploy under Cease Fire Protection

Hyper Puissance/Hyper Puissant (French) - Hyper Power - or THE hyper power,  hyper powerful. 
1st mentioned by the corrupt Oil for Food scandalous French gov of the 911 era, hyper puissance is an awesome nom d'guerre for Great Satan's benevolent maintanence of the modern world. She patrols the sea lanes, contains unhinged dangerous regimes and leads internat'l sexpeditions to counter terroristic creeps and control freaks while being the world's 1st responder to humanitarian disasters. Her culture is global, her movies, music and fashion rule and rock the entire world. (See Global Domination)

IAF - Little Satan's Air Force

IDF - Little Satan's Defense Force - Army

Inf - infantry

IRGC - Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or Pasdaran - Praetorian Guard of the regime in Iran, Fav chant "Death to America"

IVY - Great Satan's 4th Infantry Division. IV in Roman numbers - IVY

ill, illegit - illegitimate

illicit - unlawful

Imad - Imad Mugahniyah - the original super villan. Founding member of HBA, Commander in the IRGC, mentor to Mahdi Army. Wanted by 42 nations, Imad was incinerated in a sweet payback op in downtown Basharopolis - the middle of a computerized police state no less. Hope it was slow and painful

Imperium - Empire

indefatigable - tough to wear out, Ancient name of 7 Royal Navy Warships throughout history

Indirect Approach - strategy created by British army Capt BH Liddelhart. "In strategy the longest way round is often the shortest way there; a direct approach to the object exhausts the attacker and hardens the resistance by compression, where as an indirect approach loosens the defender's hold by upsetting his balance."

intell - intelligence data

intelligentsia - intellectual elite of a society

Internat'l - International

Jank - bad, no account, suckish, worthless

JDAM - Joint Direct Attack Munition, intelligent precision weaponry

Jäger, jägermeister - Potato liquor

jazzed - excited

junta - military coup


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