Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vocab Q R

quiz - interrogate
RAF - Great Britain's Royal Air Force

RE: - in regards to, regarding

Revanch, Revanchism - (French) - Turf revenge or vengeful status. A diplopolitical policy, like a nation or an ethnic group, hot to regain lost territory or diplopolititary standing.

R2P - Responsibility to protect. A new school concept of the state maintains that states have a primary responsibility to protect their own people from genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity. An internat'l commitment by govs to prevent and react to crises wherever they may occur. Recog'd partially by UN as S.C. resolution on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict (S/2006/1674) there is debate currently if R2P can be applied to natural disasters.

raison d’être (French) - purpose, reason to exist

raison d' retarde' (Faux French) retarded reason, reasoning, purpose 

rapproachment (French) bring together, establish cordial relations

ray bans - killer fashionably functional vision enhancement and protection. Fav'd by Great Satan's regime changers from way back like General Douglas MacArthur and combat flyboys all the way up to the regime changers of the new millenium.

Realpolitik (Teutonic) Realpolitique (French), realism - practical and material factors rather than theoretical or ethical objectives. Ammoral, corrupt cult of stability.

regime - illegitimate and or unelected rulers

'rents - parents. Benevolent despotic control freaks would despise fun of any kind

retarded -slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development or academic progress. Also a musical term for beats that differ in time by slowing - or retarding 

Right of Return - Palestinian plot to destroy Little Satan. Unlike millions of refugees from Germany, China, Vietnam, Russia, Ukrania, Cyprus, Korea, etc. Palestinians have been magically excepted by the non binding General Assembly resolution #194 . Significantly, the UN maintains a separate and distinct definition of the word "refugees" for Palestinians who left Palestine (including Little Satan, the West Bank, and Gaza) in 1948 and/or 1967.

Palestinian refugees from Palestine are classed as both the individuals who left their homes and any descendants of those individuals. This stands in contrast to the UN definition of refugee as it applies to displaced persons connected with territories other than those of Little Satan, the West Bank, and Gaza: in the latter case it refers only to those individuals who were forced to flee, not to their lineal descendants

risible (French) - laughable

Rock of the Marne - Great Satan's 3rd Infantry Division.

Rodina Mat' Zovyat (Russian) - Mother Russia