Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vocab S - T


saavy, savvy - informed and perceptive; shrewd

Sacre bleu (French) - cry of surprise or anger.

safe as milk - cuts both ways

Sam Pow - Samantha Powers - One of Great Satan's hootchie brainiacs - journalist, professor, field researcher and advocate. Her " A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide" is essential reading in the new millenium. Recently sacked from her non paying gig after referring to a sitting US Senator as a 'monster'

sans (French) - without 

Schwerpunkt (Teutonic) Furor Teutonicus saged it as a semi sorta kinda point of focus; the point of concentrated assault

SCIRI - The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. SCIRI is quite complex with Military, Internat'l Relations, Publicity, Intell and info, Social Services, Administration and Finance wings

Screaming Eagles - 101st Airborne Division. Featured in 'Band of Brothers '. One of Great Satan's first paratrooper divisions, Screaming Eagles blitzed into France on D Day and haven't stopped changing regimes since.

sec gen - secretary general

sec o state - secretary of state

semi - kinda sorta

sexyful - the entire package - charm, charisma, intellect, hot!, financially secure, great fashion, cool ride(s) fun to be with, generous, gallant, chivalrous, cool, merciful, forgiving.

sickelschnitt - operational combat plan by Deutschland that blitzed France, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in 6 weeks. Anxious to avoid a grinding war of attrition like WWI - Deutschland suckered Allied armies to react to feint attacks in Holland and Belgium. Secretly massing 10 panzer divisions in the Ardennes forrest, Deutschland sprang the trap, cut off allied armies and conquering Western Europa in 1940.

Sir Winnie - Winston Churchill

SoKo - Republic of Korea - South Korea

Stache' Grande' (Faux French) Schurrbart Grosse (Teutonic) - Literally the giant moustache. Nom de guerre for the avuncular Dr John Bolton, former UN ambassador from Great Satan who by happy coincidence has perhaps the most gigantic moustache ever. Late '07 Dr Bolton said he was not a neocon - though he is indeed a signatory on the famous PNAC Doc and is a big fan of America Unbound as a Straussian Purist and sees little benefit for equating nation states equal status. Dr. Bolton's essential "Surrender is not an option" is a must read.

Strat - strategy. also an electric guitar created by Leo Fender

Leo Strauss - ancient philosopher king and professor in Chicago. Dissident who fled Naziland before WWII, Strauss is an iconic figure - the founding father of 'Which one of these is not like the other?' politically wise - Strauss pointed out that relativism (and realism too) shared a dangerously retarded "easy going belief that all points of view are equal (hence none really worth passionate argument, deep analysis or stalwart defense) and then into the strident belief that anyone who argues for the superiority of a distictive moral insight, way of life, or human type is somehow elitist or antidemocratic and hence immoral."

Check out Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind to get a pop version, Then try Strauss’s own Natural Right and History, followed by Persecution and the Art of Writing. Strauss also edited The History of Political Philosophy, which has essays on all the major political philosophers and is an excellent and reliable intro.

Straussian Purists - in Foreign Policy circles, Straussian purists prefer NOT to cultivate, maintain contact, dialogue - or even acknowledgement of illegitimate regimes. Unelected regimes should be given the 'talk to the hand' biz hounded and confounded at all times in nearly any endeavour by legit governments until illegit regimes succumb to regime change and join the family of functional democratic societies. Straussian Purists include Pentagon Vulcans, Neocons and America Firsters. Sir Winnie is a big hero to the purists, they often celebrate his BDay with brandy and blunts.

Stuka (Deutsch) Sturzkampfflugzeug - original dive bomber by Luftwaffe with precision airstrikes. Stuka proved entirely devastating at the opening of blitzkrieg but totally sucked whenever confronted by fighters. Severe lossess withdrew it from West Front service during Battle of Britain though it had a formidable rep as a panzer killer on the Russian Front.

supreme leader - top cat in Iran's despotry, also kin to Deutschland's Fuhrer Prinzip - the principles of one leader absolute

Surge - After Great Satan regime changed Iraq and turned it into a giant sucker trap for Saudi rejects, Iranian minions, Syria agents and wanna be jihadis', Surge slammed the trap shut - creating a giant kill zone to take out Saudi rejects, Iranian minions, Syria agents and wanna be jihadis

Sweet! - An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence. When used individually, the level of satisfaction expressed is most often directly proportionate to the duration of the vowel sound. Example? No school til August "sweet!", as opposed to Imad Mughaniyah was killed in a mystery blast in Damascus "Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!"

T Type, T ism - Terrorist, terrorism

teufel hunden (Deutsch) 'Devil Dogs' - Great Satan's Marine Corps' nom de guerre given by Imperial Germany.

Teutonic - Deutsch, German

theocracy - regimes ran and ruled by preachers, clerics, shamans, witchdoctors or priests

time traveling - reactionary

'tude - attitude

Tzipi - Little Satan's Deputy PM and Foreign Minister


Findalis said...

Imad Mughaniyah wasn't killed in a mysterious blast. The Syrians did it to send a message to Hezbollah. The message was very clear: "Don't try what you're doing in Lebanon here in Syria."

I wonder if Little Satan can get Hezbollah to actually go after Syria. Would be fun to watch.

AmPowerBlog said...

Yo, Courtney! Put me down with the Straussian Purists!

Buffoon said...

what the heck?

Nikki said...

Yayyy! More vocab! love it...almost done too! you go girl...I think you may be starting a movement after all you are satans main woman...:)N

FOMSG said...

Girl you better be glad you had the 101 in your vocab, 'specially after you put the Eighty-Duece'na-half in. I don't care who your boyfriend is, THAT I could not tolerate.

Great site, I'm lovin' you already...


Anonymous said...

What about Schwerpunkt?
|Or is that (In separate WW II Teutonic and Mid 80's US) passe?