Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Battle Over AFPAK

As one of Great Satan's noted notables weakly wonders, indulges in inappropriate handwringing and openly courts retreat, defeat (and repeat?) over AFPAK -- it may be high time to put steel on the target.

Yes -- it's true that there are tons of possible safe havens where al qaeda could raise it's pointed little head -- like Sudan or Yemen. Yet it's also true that pursuing a operational methodology of getting the worst first like in AFPAK which admittedly seems to be as much, if not more, PAK than AF.

Splitting the hood would most likely crunk up the partial or complete collapse of Afghanistan's current gov, giving Taleban v2.0 control over even more of the country, an even greater increase in civie causalities as Great Satan and her few volte d'guerres in NATO "do what can be done from offshore," an uncool and dangerous spike in regional instability.

Like in Land of the Pure. A fake believe nation state for all of her existence, obsessed with India, spiritual papas of Taliban, pitiful literacy rate (honestly - 49%?!) and multiple nuked up weaponry along with AQ's cadre hiding out.

Since Great Satan unleashed her "Drones Gone Wild" , American popularity has plummeted -- lower now than when 43 was large and in charge -- in Pakistan. Of all the things that can be said of Land of the Pure -- stability AIN'T on the list.

The leaked leaks about General McChrystal's report on AFPAK Surge offers a powerful counter to the bail at all costs mentality.

Let's give it a chance.

Pic - "Retreat Heck! We Just Got Here!"


Winston said...

George Will is a confused man. No one takes him seriously any more.

Jeff said...

Of course George Will's position isn't too far off from what some pundits advocated about Iraq not to long ago, before the success of the surge. President Bush had the courage to push on. Will does not.

Afghanistan, though, is a different situation, a different battlefield. I'll admit I'm worried about whether it's possible to subdue an enemy in a country still locked in the middle ages. In some ways, I think our push for democracy has been too fast. We probably should have set up a "Raj" style government and slowly worked democratic institutions into the soil over a decade or so.