Sunday, September 6, 2009


The most recent "Love it to death" feature sparked a ton of hits and some feedback mainly from confauxderates and the anti war - any war gang.

Mostly disappointed, disgusted or flat turned off that anyone could give the appearance of laughingly celebrating the alledged incineration of alledged innocents.

So, perhaps it's best to clear that up right now.

As best understood
, Taleban hijacked a couple of fat petrol trucks from a NATO motorpool - chock full of fuel and took off for parts unknown 'cept to them.

Along the way - the trucks got bogged down not far from a village and in an attempt to lighten the load and get the trucks rolling again, Taleban appearantly tried to win some hearts and minds by draining off petrol to give to the villagers.

Unbeknownest to the Taleban or the village -- Bundeswehr troops watched the event through field glasses and called in an airstrike that dang killed tons of Taleban and villagers.

Oh! The humanity!

Think Machiavellian for a sec. Perhaps, Taleban took a short cut through innocent civilian rich turf by accident or design. Or, perhaps instead, Taleban knew exactly where they were headed with ill gotten booty and the village was a safe place to recruit, hang out, rest and re provision.

Either way is fine. The underscored lesson here is that - right or wrong -Taleban functions as missile magnets.

Thus, in order to avoid getting caught up to the perfumed gardens of paradise with intolerant, girl fearing, head chopping, finger chopping creeps and jerks - stay the heck away from the missile magnets.

And to the elderly 'not in my name', handwringer ex hippie weepers - raised on one of the Bigger than Baby Jesus cats solo tunes like "Give Peace a Chance" that ask how could anyone be so cold the answer is:


An aperitif like 911 in our tender, formative years along with a pro choice mentality, scores of slasher films that score big box office wise, a natural rebellion against moral relativism and heavy tunes like "Let the bodies hit the floor" have allied to grant a cultural devaluation of life and a kill our enemies anytime, anywhere and anyway outlook.

Besides all of that -- it's the TALEBAN.

Of all the creeps to p away empathy, sympathy, affinity and regret -- Taleban (and this goes for their homegrown 'innocent' fan base too) shouldn't even be on the list.

Didn't mean to give just a laughingly cold hearted appearance - actually meant to be about as subtle as a depleted uranium round flaming up a T 80. To 'literary' bathe in their blood, racing down the street naked screaming "Go! Great Satan! Go!"


All the barriers to fun, free choice, pro choice the anti war cats dismantled years ago actually created new American avatars, a laughing race of free boys and girls that shed no tears for enemies or their enablers.

Don't despair -- be proud.

You made us.

Pic -"... Being bloodthirsty and unsympathetic is not pretty..."


Peter said...

This would have been fun to see from a distance. War hasn't been near as fun since they made us quit using napalm.

They tell me that cluster bombs work just as well as napalm but the visuals just aren't the same.

Karen said...

Keep it coming, Courtney. So proud of your writing and getting your message out there.

Old Rebel said...

Careful, folks -- if you relish your war porn too much, you jeopardize the facade of the "Noble Liberator."

Enjoy your blood dance while you can. That reality thing is seeping into the minds of more of your former friends, as this post summarizes.

Old Marine said...

One man's war porn is another man's defence. Liberty has got to be protected

Old Rebel said...

Old Marine,

You're right. And the biggest threat to our liberty is in the District of Corruption. Those poor peasants who want to free their land of alien invaders have no power to subvert the Bill of Rights.

Skunkfeathers said...

Let us remember too, the nature of the beast we fight. The Taliban(Taleban) have no problem, using civilians as 'human shields' for propaganda value. They know we have issues with it, while they don't.

Offering Geneva Convention protections to people who won't sign on to them -- let alone, consider them -- is a fools' game.

If 9/11 taught us anything, it should have been the nature of the beast we fight, and what that beast is ready to bring. We have to be ready to meet the beast with a ferocity that the beast understands and respects. It isn't prime time or for the squeamish, but it is reality.

Old Rebel said...


The reality is that DC is squandering lives and treasure in a senseless, immoral war that cannot be won.

Read the newspapers -- support is finally evaporating as people realize the pointlessness and cruelty of this war.

And as the war grinds on, Big Government expands, taking more of our liberties and earnings. I detest socialism, and will not cheer on those who intend to impose it on us.

courtneyme109 said...

The reality actually proves that granting equal stats to armed dope dealers, criminals, and intolerants that consistently fail to claim any towns or cities with true patriotsproves Strauss is totally correct that:

Moral relativism (and realism too) shared a dangerously retarded "easy going belief that all points of view are equal (hence none really worth passionate argument, deep analysis or stalwart defense) and then into the strident belief that anyone who argues for the superiority of a distictive moral insight, way of life, or human type is somehow elitist or antidemocratic and hence immoral."

Old Rebel said...


At least you have the intellectual honesty to admit you're a Straussian -- something the coward chickenhawk DDD cannot do.

So -- in addition to Strauss' advocacy of the "noble lie," do you also embrace Comrade Trotsky as an intellectual forebear?

Your position, then, is that someone with a totally cool ideal of how everyone else oughta live has the right to force his ideal on others.

Trotsky would be proud.

courtneyme109 said...

That's the rub Old Rebel. Imposing democracy? Incorrect - in fact please note that it is intolerant control freaks who have to impose THEIR way of life on ppl.

Consider: If Taliban is so precious, praised and preferred - then why threaten to chop off ink stained fingers? Why no Tehran style mass demonstrations?

Strauss's concept of the 'noble lie' failed to connect in any way - thanks mainly to the Digital Age. It's outdated like Edsel or atomic artillery rounds.

Kinda like some of your concepts.

Old Rebel said...

"Strauss's concept of the 'noble lie' failed to connect in any way - thanks mainly to the Digital Age. It's outdated like Edsel or atomic artillery rounds."

I wish. Bush used his bully pulpit to convince 70% of the American people that Saddam was personally involved in 9/11. After all, invading Iraq was the Neocon dream, and the people would never have supported that bonehead crusade without Bush's and Cheney's lies., among countless other sites, had the facts, but war fever had already stopped all blood flow to the collective American brain by that point.

You got your little war. Happy?

Anonymous said...

Damn! That was cold girlfriend!

courtneyme109 said...

Old Rebel! LOLZ! Come on - mixing up the old school 'noble lie' idea with Iraq and 911 is a very weak, and very unconvincing smokescreen. There was a time when a lot of Americans thought Iraq had a hand in it - so what? Tons of Americans think Jonas Brothers rock too.

True enough tho - Ba'Athist Iraq did have tons of ties with al Qaeda - BEFORE Operation Iraqi Freedom and even 911.

M'sab al Zarqawi comes to mind kinda like Abu Nidal, the Arab Liberation Front and the Manchester Ricin Bust.

Makes the olde ' Give 'em up to Great Satan or share their fate' PR totally correct.

Of all the things that could be faithfully applied to concepts like 'noble lie' -- the above AINT on the list

Anonymous said...

Maybe Old Rebel should click on your "Oh! The Humanity!" link to Bloomberg News. Germany's Defense Ministry insists NO CIVILIANS WERE KILLED in that airstrike.