Friday, September 4, 2009


"Unassing" is an all original Great Satan military term roughly meaning departing an area of operations.

Yeah, yeah -- we know. Great Satan has got to split Iraq as soon as possible.

Or does She?

Perhaps, instead -- Great Satan should decide to stick around for the foreseeable future.

Consider: After Das Dritten Reich screamed "GOD! PLEASE! STOP!" The victorious western allies settled in for the long haul with a military economic civilizing committment that totally dwarfs any other similiar undertaking in history.

3 Panzer Divisions, a Cavalry Division, multiple infantry divisions and tons of something called 'forward elements' along with air power -- like one of the world's largest air bases and the world's largest field artillery training/impact area.

True -- Great Satan possessed way more divisions back then -- though it is equally true that ancient Soviet Union was alledgedly more formidable than anything in the ME today.

So -- since Great Satan 'broke' a wonderful despotic society with an ungodly penchant for tormenting their own people and their neighbors and certain players are gleefully counting the days (and their victims) til the great day Great Satan splits --

Maybe instead:

Great Satan should determine to hang out until Iraq is a gigantic sea of malls, cinemas, concert halls, abortion clinics, bookstores, gay bars, casinos, churches, strip clubs, hospitals, starbucks, liquor stores, blockbusters, walmarts, internet cafes', schools, Victoria's Secrets, libraries, Micky D's, Toy's R Us, communication cable and satellite broadcasting hubs.

A few airbases, field artillery training/impact areas and semi annual 'REFORGER' style military sexercises would be nice too.

At least until Iraq joins the crunk and disorderly family of democratic nation states complete with a militia free, tolerant, egalitarian society with a free, uncensored press, periodic transparent elections, independent judiciary under elected oversight, civilian control of the military, nat'l treasury open to public scrutiny and religious freedom.

Pic "Unass the AO? We're just getting comfy"