Saturday, September 19, 2009

In Memory

"First, patriotism is a natural and healthy sentiment and should be encouraged by both private and public institutions. Precisely because we are a nation of immigrants, this is a powerful American sentiment.

"Second, world government is a terrible idea since it can lead to world tyranny. International institutions that point to an ultimate world government should be regarded with the deepest suspicion.

"Third, statesmen should, above all, have the ability to distinguish friends from enemies.

"This is not as easy as it sounds, as the history of the Cold War revealed. The number of intelligent men who could not count the Soviet Union as an enemy, even though this was its own self-definition, was absolutely astonishing."

The founding High Priest of Daemoneoconservatism -- Dr Irving Krystol -- who made famous the hit about "...being mugged by reality..." has passed, yet will not be forgotten anytime soon.

"We have seen in the case of Europe how a social democratic welfare state discourages population growth as well as economic growth, and suppresses the virtues traditionally associated with "manliness" in foreign policy.

"Europe is now paying a terrible price, to the point where it is in the process of losing its historic identity, because of the sovereignty it has accorded the social democratic ethos over both domestic and foreign policy. That the two are inseparably intertwined has never been more convincingly demonstrated.

"True, the American version of "national greatness" has recently run into some local difficulties out there in the Middle East, and I suppose that the idea itself will be muted for some time ahead.

"But I note that the American population has just reached 300 million, with 400 million pretty firmly projected for 2040. So my grandchildren will be living in a country with the world's third largest population, the strongest economy, and the most powerful military establishment.

"Our critics may demand ever-greater humility from our ever-greater power; that would be a historic first were it ever to happen.

"So, for better or worse, "national greatness" is being thrust upon us."

Pic - "Medal of Freedom Earner"


Peter said...

We are going to miss him, badly and for a very long time. The nation is running out of people who remember that their families came to America, Golden America, because they could not own land of their own, or start businesses of their own. Too many Americans just do not remember starving in Ireland or huddling in a village in eastern Europe, afraid that this might be the night that the Cossacks ride through.
Irving Kristol remembered and never lost his love for Golden America.

It's a damned shame so many are now fighting to turn it into pot metal America, a land where once again the poor cannot take a chance and build something for themselves and their families. Mr. Kristol fought them until he died, now it's our turn.

Peter said...

I'm sorry, Courtney, I forgot that today is talk like a pirate day. You may edit in all the avasts and arrr you need into my comment, if you like. Arrr!

Winston said...

he was a great intellectual. Someone who really used his brain and actually THOUGHT and thats why he progressed and changed his line of thought from left to the right. Good piece!

courtneyme109 said...

Aye, 'tis cool me bucko!