Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Payambar-e Azam 4

It's time!

Gay Free Iran's Revolutionary Praetorian Guards Shehabbed off their latest projectiles in their semi annual military sexercise.

Commander of IRGC Air Force General Hossein Salami explains:

"Payambar-e Azam 4 (The Great Prophet IV) missile wargames conducted by the IRGC are in line with exercising the Iranian Armed Forces' defensive and deterrent goals."

"During the multiple-phased exercises, we will strike specified virtual targets with several missiles simultaneously and will exercise continuous, but non-simultaneous, launch of missiles in a bid to exercise and manage our long-term deterrent defense capability."

"Boosting missile targeting precision, optimizing missile and rocket warheads as well as increasing speed in missile launch preparation steps by using modern navigation techniques are among the features of the exercise."

The money shot about all this is significant.

Not so long ago, Revo Guards rocket rich reactionaries promised to turn neighboring states into pure hell - literally.

That is sooo last year!

Revo Guard General Salami pretty much about faced from previous Payambar e Azams when he alledgedly took pains to let neighboring states know that mobile missile systems pose no threat to neighboring states :

"The message of the drills for some expansionist countries is that we are able to promptly stage a proper response to their animosities through crushing and powerful reactions."

Payamber -e Azam 4 focused on surface to surface rocketry with ranges that can hit every crib the wild wacked 'expansionist countries' like Great and Little Satan have in the ME.

Unverified intell signals this most likely means Iran may be planning for a Pearl Harbor, Yom Kippor style surprise attack strat on Little Satan's Dimona facility as a prelude to redrawing the map.

Art "Great Gold Prophetess"


Raedwulf said...

Hmm, Iran want Armageddon. How may we negotiate with the irrational leaders of Iran. It is a non starter.

Winston said...

The mullahs bark a lot but can't bite.

Peter said...

I will not forgive Clinton and then Bush, along with Congress for letting things get this far. Oh, not to mention that airhead strutting about saying "look at me, I'm President!" While having George Soros hand jammed up his ass so he can move his lips to the words on the teleprompter.

There is no reason Iran should have a military weapon more powerful than a Red Ryder BB gun. Between our cruise missiles, our F117 Frisbees and or B2 Spirit bombers, not to mention all those other aircraft we have spent billions and billions for. Our fine helos and our Sneaky Pete troops, why are those scumbags still breathing air we may need someday?