Friday, September 25, 2009

In Five Words Or Less

Watching 44 speak at UN seemed an awful lot like violating an ancient taboo.

"Beer and Whiskey --mighty risky, Whiskey and Beer never fear"

Perhaps it really was the first Post American Speech by the first Post American President in the New Error Era.

"Embarrassing and Dangerous" certainly works too.

Yet could the nuance, subtlety and huge blocks of sincere insincerity get cliff noted into, like maybe 5 words or less?


Undermine allies and encourage enemies?

44's text at UN

"...sends the implicit message to allies (like Israel, India, Columbia, the Maliki government, eastern Europe, Sarkozy, Merkel, etc) that there must have been something wrong with them to have allied themselves with the U.S. during the Bush years — and to enemies and belligerents that their anti-Americanism is perhaps understandable given a shared antipathy for America."

The cumulative effect is predictable: A world in which Great Satan has fewer friends, more enemies and less options for assuring her security.

Systematically attempting to diminish Great Satan and xforming her from once being "the world's only superpower" to a nation subordinated to the demands of international consensus, organizations, "peer competitors" and even rogue states.

"Sowing long-term problems ahead for the United States.

"There are lots of areas — Iran and its environs, the free former Soviet Republics, Taiwan, the 38th Parallel, Venezuela/Colombia, the borders of Israel, Cyprus, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, etc. — where tensions are scarcely restrained, and major aggressive players could easily try to change the existing order, if any thought the United States either did not care to intervene, could not intevene, or supported their efforts.

"Feel-good magic comes at the expense of long-term American interests — and making some unsavory characters like our president now, will mean only trouble ahead for the country itself and its friends abroad."

Art - "Whisper softly and don't forget - to tell me how you feel in 5 words or less"


Winston said...

Obama's speech had a lot in common with Ahmadinejad's and Gaddafi's speeches. Shame on 44 for being a jackass!

Raedwulf said...

I have trouble watching Obama speak. It seems that he considers every comma to be an instruction to turn his head one way or the other. I did listen to it and was reminded of a fellow teacher who said he hated teaching US History because it was so sad and depressing. I always considered US History to be uplifting and heroic. Perhaps that is why I no longer teach. Obama represents the self loathing elite of this country.

Peter said...

The challengean is "five words or less. Hmm, I think I can...

Obama is an effing scumbag.

Ha! I did it! What do I win?