Friday, November 6, 2009

Day Of Mourning


Steve Harkonnen said...

We hang our heads in sadness; however, as we hang our heads, we must think of ways to prevent this from happening ever again.

Removing Muslims from our armed forces is a great way to begin because each and every Muslim who serves in our armed forces is living a lie - it's an inner struggle for them to serve our nation and pray to allah at the same time.

I say release them all.

mauryk2 said...


Peter said...

We've had more than a few Muslims who served honorably and died during this war. Others were wounded, still others remain in steadfast service to this country.

I do not pretend to have answers. I know that some Muslims serve well, others are an extreme danger to their fellow Servicemen/Servicewomen and this country as a whole.

How to tell the difference? I don't know. Sodium Pentethol (or however it's spelled) for everyone? I dunno. I only know that there are a helluva lot of Muslims serving who give very important cultural and language skills to the units they serve in and to the military as a whole.

Someone smarter than I will have to figure it all out. Trouble is, they won't. Not in this era of PC.

All I know is that God should keep and hold those who died and comfort their friends and families, as well as those wounded.