Saturday, November 14, 2009


As previously previewd by super savvy cats like Yosef Bodansky and Michael Baer, Persia's hot wicked desires to estab a kinda, sorta shia crescent from Iran to the Red and Med seas is tough to dispute, though a few still try.

While the northern horn of the crescent seems well known - Moktada al Sadr's mulitple attempts with Mahdi Army (or JAM, or 'Special Groups" ) in Iraq to Dr General President for Life Bashar al Assad's Allawite minority in Syria all the way to Hiz'b'Allah in Lebanon. A seperate rocket rich contingent sprouted up within HAMAS via Little Satan's client Strippers

So what about those sexyful, slick, oiled up little pies to the south? While the mullahs have long sought to encourage the Gulf States to lie back and enjoy it, Saudiland remains somewhat of an obstacle - natch - who would enjoy being outflanked? The ancient wicked old original he man women hating kingdom is well aware of the fact that most of her oil bearing regions are located in traditionally shia tribal turf.

The long small war going on in Yemen right now features al Qaeda, Huthi militants and Saudiland flexing military muscles - utilizing air force assets to contain Yemen's Huthi movement. GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnd Hijaz military sources confide some hot gossip

"The Royal Saudi Air Force bombed Huthi targets after the Royal Saudi airborn detachment dialed up air support in response to a Huthi attack to sieze and hold a border village.

The paras are adding substantial military muscles to Ministry of Interior police forces in the J'bal D'khan and J'bal R'meh regions and along most of the border. This source really, really stressed that Saudiland is enforcing Writ of state and maintaining complete control of the borders - even setting up a 'no go' killzone inside of Yemen.

Enter Iran

Yemen's Zaidi Shiite minority would be a worthy prize for Iran to exploit.
Consider - in the mohammedist world there is only one sect that has repeatedly stymied (often portrayed as decisively defeating) Little Satan. And it ain't the sunni sect.

The shia influ is spreading throughout future turf that would complete the crescent. Gaza, Lebanon, and even Pyramidlanders are reeling from the feeling that only shiaism is able to grant change the ME can believe in.

Thus, Yemen would be a great place to develop and spread into Saudiland's neglected shia population by sexploiting a strategic minority.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, the always funny Hossein Shobokshi, a columnist @ Asharq Alawsat , was critical of Iran's offer to intervene.

"It is a very odd situation that Iran threatens anybody that interferes in Yemeni affairs. This is an internal issue between the Yemenis. Saudi Arabia is protecting its borders," he said.

"What business does Iran have stating what it has stated?

"But it also falls in sync with what Iran has been doing. Interfering in other countries' affairs - we have seen it in Jordan, Sudan, Palestine, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq - creating pockets of influence and trying to control its puppets in every part of the Arab world."

Pic - "Outflanked!"