Monday, November 2, 2009

Land Of The Pure Tour

One thing for sure, Madame Sec HRC earned her pay on the recent Land of the Pure Tour!

Anti Americanism in Pakistan has been explained several times over the years since 911:

Strategic Depth: Since Pakistan (for whatever reason) is fearful of Mommy India, Pak Strat Cats dreamed up the concept of Afghanistan as being their Alamo. On the great day things escalate (conventionally) out of control with India - PAK Army will be able to go with the flow of an irresistible Indian blitz, fall back into Afghanistan, regroup and launch a counter blitz that will put paid to wicked polytheistic India once and for all.

Strat Depth helps explain why Taliban run Afghanistan was essentially a Pakistani creation for control and management, an ally of sorts and a kindred spirit. Thus, deposing Taliban -- not to mention marginalizing or killing them is queering the mix on PAK Army's Grand Strategy.

Nat'l Sovereignty: As one of several places created after WWII, Pakistan seems kinda schizo -paranoidic about nat'l sovereignty (except for the aforementioned double Durand Lining Talibani tribes, cliches and soirees -- oh, those cats seem able to come and go as they please).

The latest insulting affront to Pakistan sovereignty (real or imagined) are those judge free, jury free, extradition free yet execution stocked "Drones Gone Wild!"

"This isn't our war - it's your war and we are doing the bleeding and the dying" or something to that effect seems to be the gripe de jour.

HRC could have pointed out that Great Satan wanted to do snatch and grabs on actionable intell and PAK Army refused -- alledgedly even firing on especial hunter/killer teams.

So, the predator/reaper strikes are the result of refusing righteous booty to Great Satan.

Since January, more innocents have been killed by terroristic chicanery coming out of those magical UnAdministered Tribal Areas than all the Drones Gone Wild! strikes in world history combined.

Madame Sec HRC did spell out some serious jank for Pakistan - and here are the hits:

“I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are, and couldn’t get to them if they really wanted to. Maybe that’s the case; maybe they’re not gettable. I don’t know.”

“Slowly, but insidiously, you are losing territory. If you want to see your territory shrink, that’s your choice. But I don’t think that’s the right choice.”

“If we are going to have a mature partnership where we work together then there are issues that not just the United States but others have with your government and with your military security establishment”.

Since 911, any problems Pakistan has with Great Satan seems to say way more about Pakistan's failures as a modern nation state than any failures of Great Satan or any phantastical fanciful conspiracy of the week.

While Pakistan (with a literacy rate of less than 50%) certainly has issues it may be well for certain elements in Pakistan to bear a few things in mind:

Land of the Pure's largest foreign aid donor is not too concerned with religious fatwas or opinions, feelings or thoughts of ineffective militaries that cannot control their own borders, that do fiddle about with terrorist sympathizers, enablers and recruits or fail to maintain their state's monopoly on violence.

Instead, perhaps - Land of the Pure should carefully consider what the opinions, feelings and thoughts of Great Satan are.

Pic - "You're a dream. And I'm a nightmare"


Peter said...

If we had a harry Truman or an FDR, or even a Richard Nixon in the White House we would not be troubled with the problems of Pakistan, Iran or Afghanistan. They would be empty places with teams waiting for the radioactivity to drop enough to where we could go in and plunder their resources.

I really miss the days when American Presidents worried about Americans instead of what the world thought. Nobody running the American government is elected by and paid by the world. I miss Harry Truman.

And it doesn't seem to matter what the world says, the people out there are still clamoring in long lines for Visas to enter the USA. Which makes me wonder about how reliable are the spokesmen for the world.brang

John Rudolph said...

We should have annihilated Pakistan years ago.

I'm 100% certain they are aiding the Taliban.

Further, let's redefine our reasons for being in Afghanistan before this becomes another encroachment into another nation's affairs.

Taliban is Pakistan and Afghani problems, not ours.

If we will remain in Afghanistan let's go after bin Laden and at least make a psychological blow toward al-Qaida.

Right Truth said...

I don't like Hillary, but we would have been much better off with her than Obama the apologist.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Steve Harkonnen said...

Deb, we'd be better of with a ham and cheese sandwich over Obama.

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