Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Never Forget"

She is 600 and 84 feet long - longer than a WWII Battleship.

She weighs in at over 25 K tons. She bears the piercing tip of Great Satan's sharp, sharp, shiny sword. She carries our own dear children - the pride of our nation - to dark, scary parts of the world. She carries enough agony infliction to make any enemy on earth scream "GOD! PLEASE! STOP!"

She is a predator.

She is a killer.

She is USS NewYork

Seven rays of sunlight signify both the crown atop the Statue of Liberty and the seven seas

Central focus placed on the Twin Towers and the bow of the ship, forged from the towers' steel

Breastplate of the phoenix bears the colors of first responders from the New York Police Department, New York Fire Department, and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Blood drops represent the fallen

Three stars for those earned by the battleship USS NEW YORK (BB34) in World War II at Iwo Jima, Okinawa and North Africa.

Her war cry is "Never Forget."

It’s been years since the WTC and over 2K innocents were murdered on that horrible day in New York. And now, something precious returns to Great Satan, Her latest future Navy ship, created with 24 tons of steel from the ruins of the Twin Towers.

USS New York - She's the only cat in the hood to bear the name of a State that is not a submarine.

She is the 6th warship to bear the name.

Her nom de guerre in Navyspeak is Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 21).

"USS New York will transport and land Marines, their equipment and supplies, by
embarked air cushion or conventional landing craft or Expeditionary Fighting
Vehicles, augmented by helicopters or vertical take off and landing aircraft.

"USS New York shall support amphibious, special operations, or expeditionary
warfare missions through the first half of the 21st Century.

She is a significant offshore threat to Great Satan's enemies.

USS New York will comfily tote 800 Marines into battle with all the goodies they desire and require to deliver a world of hurt.

Four CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters or two MV-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft may be launched or recovered at the same incredible instantly! The ship’s hangar can store 1-2 aircraft.

Two 30 mm Close-in-Guns AKA "Bushmasters," for surface threat defense; two Rolling Airframe Missile launchers for air defense

Amphib Landing and Assault Craft - 2 LCACs (air cushion) or 1 LCU (conventional)

14 Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles

2 of her future sisters will be named USS Arlington and USS Somerset in commemoration of the places for the other two planes used in the attack on 911 that shed American blood on American soil.

Her new Captain is Commander F. Curtis Jones, a native of New York City.

"This is sacred and it makes me very proud. Nobody passes by that bow section
without knocking on it. Everybody knows what it is made from and what it’s

Never Forget


mauryk2 said...

Just like it!

Unknown said...

I'd give both my eye teeth to be in the first Marine battalion to be deployed aboard that ship.

I've already promised my left nut to the person who invents a personal rejuvenator so's I could be young and fit enough to rejoin the Corps, so eye teeth are all the "I'd give my" parts left.

Btw, don't know if you've already heard this here song, but thought you'd like it, so here it is just in case you've missed it.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Nice warship. I served 20 in the navy.

So hear this out. Don't be offended, but if she gets struck with a Sunburn missile from an Iranian missile battery while in the Persian Gulf, she will sink in two pieces.

We currently have no defensive measures against that Russian built missile.

Peter said...

I must correct one error. The USS New York will never carry Marines in comfort. She will get those marines where they're supposed to go but comfort is not exactly high on the Navy's list of priorities. I did more travelling than I like to remember on those big gray canoes. I crossed the Pacific on LSD. The USS Oak Hill, LSD&. The old Smokey Oakie was retired not too long after but she took me from Camp Pendleton to Okinawa, where the discovered I wasn't yet 18, I got put off the boat and assed around Okinawa for a month or so, next think I knew I was on another boat, bound for Chu Lai.

I'm with Grimmy, it's a damned shame The Corps can't use a 62 year old Corporal, hell, I'd gladly take a bust down to PFC.

Steve is right about those Sunburns, though.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Peter, I know what you mean. I did six months TAD on USS LaSalle AGF 3. Living conditions were pretty bad, even for us sailors.

However, I've read that the berthing areas on this ship are top notch. Come to think of it, I miss my racks in the fleet...they were actually very comfortable, so that means they're probably in much better shape.

As for the Sunburn - never meant that in any disrespect toward this fine vessel. I am sure you all agree; just sayin'.

Unknown said...

Regarding the Sunburn threat...

That's probably why Task Forces are formed up for when serious work needs be done on hostile shores.

Once the F/A birds from the carrier get done, and the cruiser(s) and other gun/missile ships get done, you'd be hard pressed to find anything in the way of ship threatening weaponry along the coast.

It's not like Iran has access to anything even resembling a trained military force either. The actual military is kept grossly under funded and under trained so it can't threaten the mullahs, and the Revolutionary Guard is no more a military/war fighting outfit than the old nasty nazi Gestapo.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Grimmy, I agree, but they'd put up a far better fight than the Iraqis (ONLY if we don't change our ROE).

Further, all F-14 carcasses and parts were ordered to be totally destroyed and rendered USELESS by the US government. That's because Iran still has plenty of Tomcats; they are in dire need of such spare parts.

Unknown said...


I fully, completely and absolutely disagree with you on the "better fight than" angle.

The Saddamites actually tried to have at least a somewhat organized, equipped and trained military, even if only in their Tikriti dominated Republican Guards.

The Iranians have squat. Their "military" is not trained, not equipped and even more poorly led than the Iraqis were. Their "Revolutionary Guard" are nothing but thugs and incapable of fighting anyone other than unarmed civilians.

Iranians, themselves, have become so sick of the mullahs' bullcrap that they've been leaving Islam by the millions.

I'm not claiming that a ground war in Iran would be easy, such things never are, regardless of the enemy's complete inability to be competent at warfighting.

A huge difference between what went on in Iraq and what would go on in Iran can be seen in the Iranians actually standing up, under threat of death, to oppose the regime inflicting misery upon them, and begging for someone to step up to help them NOW.

Personally, I'd rather it work out to where the Iranians get it done themselves. Not because I'm a natural born non-interventionist, but because freedom is always sweeter when acquired by those who want it, rather than when it comes as a gift bought by others. And, it's starting to look like the Iranians, braving death in the streets and torture in the dungeons, have a chance to grab it on their own.

That is always the best outcome for a people. Earn their own freedom, form their own government and rebuild their own nation to their own liking.

I think there's still valid reason to have hope for that.