Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue II

Well, well -- wail! News that the so nice - he be nom d'guerr'd twice! Abu Mazen/M'Moud Abbas -- the President of the West Bank and the rocket rich Strip turf (collectively called Palestine) is ready to jettison the escape pod and high tail it for his super swanky beach front villa in Q'Tar.

Saw that one a mile away. Just like the happy happy fact that HAMAS couldn't get re elected as grave diggers in the Strip now.

What a dang shame.

Both Satans' seem to look at the fast creation of a magical Nakbah free nation state of Palestine regardless of the Palestinians’ unwillingness to accept Little Satan's right to exist as the primary aim of their Palestinian policies.

Hip and haunch with calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state seem to actually increase in direct proportion to the radicalization of Palestinian society:

The more radical Palestinian society becomes, the hotter the hot wicked desire to grant it sovereign statehood.

Sovereign statehood and Palestinians have never really seemed to hook up. Like their Arab brethern, Palestinians have consistently sour mouthed that Little Satan's property posse that 'occupied' precious Palestinian turf with an amazing immodestly, lack of restraint and blitzkrieg tactics is the main problem.

Yet - predictably enough -- Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue may be the new (same as the old) thang:

"There is no romance, no sex, no excitement, no urgency — not even a sense of importance anymore."

Essentially because -- there is precious little in it for Great Satan. Would creating the world's 58th and 59th mohammedist or Arab League's 23rd and 24th nation state sweetly usher in a new error free era of peace, tolerance and get with it ness?

Would Little Satan be able to host Great Satan's Air Force or Teufel Hunden at state of the art bases, kassernes or cantonments? Would Palestine? And what would a future Palestine look like anyway? Yet another tribalistic kleptocracy or a really cool version of an Arabic Little Satan - complete with real elections, free press, consenual gov, indy judiciaries and egalitarian concerns?

"The way for the Palestinians to get a state is to go ahead and build it. If and when the institutions are there and functioning, from police and courts to a parliament, negotiations will reflect that fact.

"The argument that settling the borders and removing Little Satan's troops must come first is a path to failure. For one thing, Little Satan will not and should not leave until it is clear that the West Bank can be policed by Palestinians and that the region will not be a source of terrorism, as Gaza and South Lebanon became when Little Satan left there.

"No conference and no treaty can provide such a guarantee; only functioning Palestinian police forces that are already fighting and defeating terror can do so.

"It would press the Arab states to help real live Palestinians in the West Bank, rather than the imaginary Palestinians--all either bold jihadists or desperate widows and orphans--whom they see on Al Jazeera.

"In fact, except for occasional visits by Jordanians and Egyptians (who have peace treaties with
Little Satan already), top Arab officials haven't a clue what's going on in the West Bank, for they've never been there. Not one head of state or government or foreign minister, not once.

"Organize a tour; take a few princes and foreign ministers to Ramallah, Jenin and Jericho where they would find that they are neither in Somalia nor some heroic battle scene against Zionist oppressors.

Palestine's dual d'nom'd daddy says: "In West Bank we have a good reality… the people are living a normal life.”

Goldstone Report, Willie P or rowdy rocketeers -- nearly everyone in free societies (except for maybe the MOST depraved Realist on the planet) is suffering from Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue.


Pic - "Don't wanna be accursed! Won't the last girl or the 1st to tell me i should go str8 2 Hale"


Peter said...

Yes, Courtney, your Mother was right, you should only date guys that adore you. Oh, and single. And employed. Not ghey is also a plus.

As to palestinian fatigue, I've been tired of them sonnobeeches for about forty years, before that I flat didn't care about them.

mauryk2 said...

Fatigue is right!

Steve Harkonnen said...

The palestinians do not deserve statehood. They continue to bite the hand(s) that feed them.

Did you know that every other arab nation has forcibly removed palestinians before?

I can also clearly remember the saving of yasser arafat back in 1982 by the US Navy. I was in theater at the time,.

Unknown said...

Off Topic:

Today's the USMC Birthday.

Commandant's Birthday Message:


Some drinking music appropriate for the occasion:


Semper Fi to all my Brothers and Sisters of the tribe of Marine

Steve Harkonnen said...

oo-RAH, Grimmy. I worked closely with 24th MEU during MARG-88 in the Med. I had at least one or two Marines working up in Radio Central; great bunch of guys, well mannered too. We used to eat MRE's; they hooked us up good. The best ones were the spicy meatballs in tomato sauce, and the gorilla biscuits were to die for.