Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When Attorneys Ruled The World

Can't help but notice - attorneys have taken over the world!

Well, maybe on the League of Hot! Democrazies - seems the unfree world is attorney free.

Consider recent events:

Ft Hood massacre. Essentially the raison d'etre that Major Disaster never got booted out of the service on his booty, is that any mention of his violent, head chopping mohammedistic prejudices would unleash an airborne attorney brigade on hapless evil doer pointer outers.

Anyone pointing out how uncool the guy was would just be asking to be sued into bankruptcy for the rest of their days. They would have been ruined in any endeavor.

KSM's trial in NYC is another.

The 'mess' that 44 'inherited' about Gitmo, renditions, foreign torment experts, enhanced interrogation tech and casus belli was actually created by a lawyer liebstandarte - often queering the mix for years on Military Tribunals during 43's trip - now they are at Justice Dept - really pushing the envelope that foreign cats caught on foreign battlefields or rousted out of hidden lairs in the dead of night should be given the same rights as American citizens.

Drones Gone wild! A foreign aid program that skips arrest, indictments and a chance for bail or attorney client privileges is fixing to get scrutinized - by attorneys.

The domestic front is yet another example. Some kinda legalistic treat called 'tort' that perhaps could be reformed would solve tons of stuff about Nat'l Health Care. Yet no attorney will tolerate such legal unbinding of their livelihoods.

Attorney's are like Frat boys - always looking to protect and perpetuate the species.

Maybe Dick The Butcher's dangerous ditty from from King Henry VI, Part II, (Act IV), Scene 2 bears some scrutiny?

"1st thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

Pic - "Dick the Butcher's Vision"


Steve Harkonnen said...

With far too much crazed lunatic concerns about "human rights," we've kow-towed to the point of an apologist's no return.

And when our internal laws become infused with international human rights laws (as dictated by the UN - they never tell you these things) we become more sheepish like sheeple should be.

THIS is specifically the reasons why Londonistan came to be.

Read Melanie Philips' book, Londonistan....highly recommended in the Steve Harkonnen required reading list. It's all discussed in her book.