Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palestinian Dependence Day!

Here's a quiz - ever heard of a cat named Saleem Fayad? No? It's cool - you will! As Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority Fayad recently coughed up the idea of declaring Palestinian statehood.

1st glance - it seems cool. At long last rowdy Strip Palestinians can take a break from building home grown rocket artillery, cranking out tunnels like doughnuts, and maybe even enjoying the 'new reality' that President Mazen/Abbas mentioned like West Bank has.

Dissolving UNRWA alone would awesome - all that wasted time, effort and money could be put to work elsewhere -- like the op to shed ancient, non productive (unless considering the death industry) endeavors, antique gripes about turf and beat their K'Ssams into laptops.

With the highest literacy rate in the entire Middle East (sans Little Satan!), Strip Palestinians could actually construct a Vegas style Riviera on the Med and West Bank could xform into a happy place - chock full of cutting edge industrial zones and colleges.

Hold up though - the flaw in the ointment is such a manuever would render all previous Oslos, Helsinkis, Sharm al Sheiks, Annapolis' Roadmaps and Quartets null and void.

Oathbreaking they calls it!

Great Satan and Europa both dissed the idea -- as Little Satan's BiBi mentioned ”there is no substitute for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and any unilateral path will only unravel the framework of agreements between us and will only bring unilateral steps from Israel’s side.”

The bit about waiting for a negotiated settlement sounds fake believe. In fact - two of the planets most successful nation states sweetly achieved internat'lly recognized independence without the benefit of a negotiated agreement between conflicted parties, like Great and Little Satan - prob the most obvious - obviously.

If Palestinian nat'l aspirations were so magically legit and a 2 state solution the only answer, why wouldn’t the all the cats involved in the long years of on again off again 'peace process' proponents recognize the fact?

And in such a scenario, what unilateral retaliation could Little Satan reasonably get away with?

Rather, the real mix queering with Palestinian independence — — is that there is no viable Palestinian regime that can claim to run a sovereign country. Right now, the Palestinian territories are divy'd up, seperate fiefdoms ruled by 2 different Palestinian regimes.

And both may be illegit anyway - HAMAS won't hold elections in January - lucky for them! And Pres Abbas has stayed on way past his time without being re elected.

Stripstine is led by a death cult worshipping internat'lly recoged terror organization supported by Iran and Syria -- dedicated to war against Little Satan.

West Bank, is led by a revolutionary-style regime that is deeply corrupt and still sucks up to intolerant, murderous fan boys terrorist groups like the Fatah-Tanzim, HAMAS, and Islamic Jihad.

Efforts to negotiate a unification between the two sides have consistently sucked, maybe the only thing stopping Palestine from erupting into all out civil war betwixt HAMAS and Fatah is the tiny tiny taint of turf that divides them -- Little Satan herself.

The real issue is not so much Little Satan building apartments, roads, schools, shopping malls and karoke bars in disputed, occupied or illegal turf as it is with 2 diametrically opposed factions in Palestine.

That this is the real trouble seems to be hinted at by none other than the Palestinian prime minister, Saleem Fayad. According to Fayad, a declaration of independence is really just a “formality” — or at least, it will be, once the institutions of statehood are established.

It is not too hard to glean from Fayad’s statement, however, the hidden assumption that such institutions are not yet in place and may not be for the foreseeable future.

So it may be cool to consider if the Palestinians really were to hook up with a means of establishing a homeland: to build systems of government aimed at improving the Palestinians’ lives rather than tossing them away like grenades in an endless conflict; to build an economy that emphasizes good business rather than corruption; to craft an educational system and public culture that fosters a positive, life-affirming vision of Palestinian identity and coexistence with Little Satan rather than one created about “resistance” to “occupation.”

If that were to happen, wouldn’t Little Satan and world leaders have a really tough time denying Palestinian statehood? OTOH, would they even want to? Should they?

As it stands today - granting Palestine statehood could very well result in "3rd Infitadah" - another war. Consider - Palestinians and their rowdy rejectionist foreign enablers may indeed estab alliances, bases and military aid with a sovereign Palestine that starts another crises that could end up with Little Satan's Merkava panzers parked amidst smoking craters, a wrecked landscape as barren and desolate as the surface of the moon, in downtown Ramallah, Gaza City and Khan Younis.

And Little Satan may not be too interested in handing it off to anyone, as a new word debuts in the peace process.


Art - "Palestine will still be tiny and weak and Little Satan will still be tiny and mighty"


Anonymous said...

Recently he made a statement that rings true.Basically if anyone expects palis to shape up & actually deserve their own state,won't happen.They need actually something to start with to kickstart their ethnic pride.Methinks they had opportunity enough.Interesting to see how long it will take to transition from a technocrat to a bonafide ME "LeaderOfThePeople".
Amazing blog you've got here.
Eric Amsterdammer

Steve Harkonnen said...

Got a question -

Why even bother capitalizing the non-noun "palestinian" when it's something that doesn't truly exist in the first place?

Great post though. But my method of solving the palestinian problem isn't kind at all.

courtneyme109 said...

Hi Eric! Maybe that is the kicker - get it going (a Palestine of some kind) or else watch Little Satan sweetly gobble it up.

Thanks for the compliment - and the commentary

courtneyme109 said...

Hi Steve. Perhaps, it became a real noun when the world recog'd Palestinian Nat'l Authority?

Know where you are coming from though - in the circles I find myself at times it's best to grant the big P just to get to the good stuff...

Steve Harkonnen said...

What authority? Let's face it. The palestinians are a joke. I celebrated when yasser arafat died. Look what they have done to their so-called "newly acclaimed lands" which were given up by the Israelis (little Satan) in order to pacify the UN. They destroyed greenhouses, crops, and a generally awesome infrastructure left in place by the Israelis who had to give up their homes to pacify people who don't even live there.

Ridiculous. I'd give them ships so they could go somewhere else. They are animals.

Anonymous said...

This is just stupid.

They have no claim on any land.

This would justify the use terror.

What about those killed by terror attacks.


You say you support Israel, support freedom and yet you reward terror.


courtneyme109 said...

Aw, ease up anonymous. No serious person could read this and think yours truly is happy about or pro Palestine. We know what it would look like and we know how it would end up.

Which is the goal in a way. The Strip's pop could be assimilated by Egypt - no prob and West Bank could be assimilated by any number of Arabic despotries. Which may be what happens if Palestine is created freaks out, acts out and gets their assets handed to them by Little Satan in old school state on state violence - war.

And this time Little Satan may not be so hot to hand over turf captured in a real war.