Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doctrine Man!!

"...Faster than a fleeting bullet point in an Army briefing slide. Able to leap Pentagon jargon in a single bound. While he’s not a classic superhero like the Man of Steel, he’s certainly a man of irony. 

"...Meet Doctrine Man, an Army officer’s cartoon creation, a caped crusader whose escapades battling military bureaucracy have attracted an Internet cult following, small but devoted and expanding among troops around the globe. 

"...It is penned anonymously and posted to a Facebook page, but the comic strip can be seen taped to cubicles at the Pentagon and at military headquarters by those who identify with Doctrine Man’s campaign against large institutions flying on autopilot over a rapidly changing and dangerous world.

  Pic - "Court -- Now you can become an official part of Doctrine Man!!'s lore, along with Exum's scratchy beard, Small Wars Journal, and Carl Prine's fascination with women's fashion!"


World War 2 said...

Haha! Osama had it coming!