Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nakbah Redux And Greater Little Satan

 Yawm an-Nakbah!

It had been a rough ride since being granted statehood in late 2011. Crises had been brewing for months after the new improved hook up betwixt Fatah and HAMAS collapsed when West Bank voted in toto to oust the ancient PLOld school Fatah cats in favor of HAMAS' reps in the recent Parliament Elections.

The recent Mutual Military Assistance Pact signed with Egypt certainly emboldened HAMAS  - perhaps too bold

On or about 17:33 hours local time May 15th 2013, tragedy strikes the new baby nation state of Palestine.  

Little Satan's Iron Dome System managed to destroy nearly a dozen rockets  - yet seven errant Fajr 5 missiles launched from Khan Younis struck the Dome of the Rock thingy in J'Lem and totally obliterated it. Hilarity did not ensue. 

Despite releasing satellite and ground tracking vids of the missiles, their launch points, attempted interceptions and direct hits - Little Satan was considered the culprit.

"We know this illegitimate regime of the zionists has visited this deathly insult on all believers" thundered Hiz'B'Allah's Body Part Collector General from his safe as milk command bunker in Lebanon.

HAMAS' leadership (all safe in Damascus) pledged to unleash "total war on the criminal usurpers" and denied the wrecked remnants of Iranian made rocketry streaming endlessly on Little Satan TV were launched from the Strip. The Strip also called on Aegypt to honor commitments "made in good faith." The new government in Cairo obliged - announcing a reinforced infantry division would be sent within a week.

Not to be out done, Fatah's West Bank announced militarization of their turf - inviting any Arab League Armies and Air Forces bases to protect them from further "madness" by Little Satan. 

King Hussein of Jordan tried to defuse the situation to no avail. Saudi Arabia announced two squadrons of F16's would be based near Ramallah - with an contingent of air defense systems. Syria formally requested Jordanian permission to transit two panzer divisions numbering over 35 thousand conscripts along with batteries of Russian made S 300 Anti Aircraft missiles. Persia pledged support and Libyan Radio called for volunteers to "storm the beaches" of Little Satan

Emergency sessions at the UN produced nothing but non profit jawflapping. Turkey and Sudan penned several really mean sounding declarations and the Turkish Air Force went on full alert, conducting 'protection flights' for several sortees of ships carrying 'volunteers' to help with the 'disaster.'    

UN Ambassador Tzipi Livni warned Little Satan could not tolerate her near abroad 'compassed with armies" to anyone that would listen. Great Britain warned Sudan that increased traffic to Sinai
"...looks highly dubious..and could be misconstrued..." Great Satan asked for a summit with heads of states.

The night of May 19th at Little Satan's shiny looking MoD complex was tense. The Egyptians were crossing the canal and would be past Rafah by breakfast. Syrian panzers were enroute across the Yarmuk river and in Jordan proper. Intermittent rocketry from Sinai based terrorist groups were increasing. Intell that Iraq had granted Persia overflights into Amman and two Iranian submarines had just left Suez sailing into the Med were the last straw.

Little Satan struck.

Pic - "Believe - just tonight"


SecondComingOfBast said...

Only a matter of time until something like this, or something pretty close, comes to pass. I have a question though. I noticed this prediction takes place in 2013. So in this scenario, has Obama been re-elected?

Steve Harkonnen said...

See, this helps prove why there's no palestinians in Star Trek.