Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun With Flotillas


Those wascally Ottomans are fixing to fire up their annual Strip Run - sortee'ing ships packed with all kinda goodies to those poor poor ppl that not so long ago freely voted in the world's very first suicide regime and in a remarkable twist until recently were held hostage by their very own vote recipients!

Just lucky!

Since Aegypt has opened up the Great Wall of Gaza to traffic all and sundry - what exactly is the point of such seaborne chicanery? 

And not to put too fine a point on it - HAMAS is listed as an Official Terrorist Group - and on Great Satan's Official Enemies List - should Great Satan interdict such foolishness that gives aid and comfort - if only to ensure those truly suffering under HAMAS' election fearing intolerant mini Preacher Command collect humanitarian bennies courtesy of the same spiritual cats that drilled The Strip's hero OBL with high velocity full metal jackets?  

 Shouldn't Deutschland be quized about their planned sortee? Aiding an enemy of their friend? And what about Americans sailing an American ship - nom d'guerr'd SS Audacity of Hope (hmm, sounds like a book or sump) - are they liable for a thorough, enhanced encounter with the Attorney General?

Even more funnier - Turkey has a literacy rate of 87.4% - not bad, especially when compared with new clear Land of the Pure's shock shock shocking 49%  -  yet when comp'd with the Strip's amazing 92.4% -  it's kinda embarrassing

Turkey also has a 23.94% infant mortality rate - nearly one out of every four tiny tiny babies die in Turkey. The Strip is way better at tending to precious little babies @ 17.12% 

Maybe Little Satan should occupy Turkey to give those rates a boost? 

Or maybe instead - the Strippers and their fans should send a few flotillas to Turkey.

Pic - "It is our hope and expectation that 44 will pressure the government of Little Satan not to attack us, especially with an American boat with well-known American peace activists on board participating in the flotilla."


maxx said...

Well known peace activists?
Targets of opportunity?
Hard to tell the difference sometimes.
I suppose that thought makes me a bad person.
*Yawn* So be it.

Winston said...


|3run0 said...

Mortality rates are usually given in 'per thousand', not per hundred, so it is 2,4% and 1,7% of dead babies in respectively Turkey and Gaza. You are otherwise right, of course.