Friday, May 13, 2011

Joyeuex Anniversaire Little Satan!

It's Nakbah Day! Shout out to Little Satan celebrating her 63nd this year! Incredible - and soooo true. Despite the unhinged fact that nearly 300 million members of Arab League have tried and failed to put paid to a tiny tiny piece of real estate (with no oil) sweetly attended to by less than 7 million people.

Just lucky! 

Any wrought, this issue of FFP features hot deets and smoking gossip about Great Satan's rowdy asseted spiritual little sister from some of the top cats in the realm of diplopolititary designs.

On sale Sunday!


Jason said...

So where are the links to the articles? I want to see who the worst 10 progressives are...

Scott Kirwin said...

Firing that shotgun would put that girl on her ass thanks to those heals. Swap them out for some Doc Marten combat boots and she's good.