Friday, May 6, 2011

Seven Days In May


Perhaps the most prolific of all regime changes - l' Coup d'état - is most noticeable for the track record on foreign turf. A coup occurring for Great Satan is more than unthinkable - it's shocking! 

Thusly this suspect piece about a mini coup makes great reading and has some charm - after all - the discombobulation about the Abottabad (Abottagood - nicht wahr?) raid that haj'd OBL to the perfumed gardens of Paradise, the staged pics about watching a raid that may not have had vids at all and the weird deets about 44 college professor approach to the raid.

The unverified hot gossip and salty sass paints a crazy pic that Madame Sec HRC, CIA's Panetta, DefSec Gates along with P4 engineered a mini temp coup and circumvented 44's Jarret influenced phobia about the funintended consequences with airborning in less than 50 rowdy night owning assassins right in the center of Pakistan's Baluch Regiment surrounded by PAK Army sites

"...What Valerie Jarrett, and the president, did not know is that Leon Panetta had already initiated a program that reported to him –and only him, involving a covert on the ground attack against the compound."

"...There had been a push to invade the compound for several weeks if not months, primarily led by Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, David Petraeus, and Jim Clapper.  The primary opposition to this plan originated from Valerie Jarrett, and it was her opposition that was enough to create uncertainty within President Obama.  Obama would meet with various components of the pro-invasion faction, almost always with Jarrett present, and then often fail to indicate his position.  

"...This situation continued for some time, though the division between Jarrett/Obama and the rest intensified more recently, most notably from Hillary Clinton.  She was livid over the president’s failure to act (and formed an alliance with Panetta to launch the raid). 

"...As for Jarrett, her concern rested on two primary fronts.  One, that the military action could fail and harm the president’s already weakened standing with both the American public and the world.  Second, that the attack would be viewed as an act of aggression against Muslims, and further destabilize conditions in the Middle East. 

Pic - "Action started the next morning when 44 declared 'it's a go'


Jeremiah Wrong said...

I say Obooga never even did say "it's a go" at all--that call was made by Panetta, and Ooga Booga was told about it after the fact. They told him to STFU and take credit for it and be happy he was allowed to hang out with the big kids.

- said...

Dear GSG,

Pretty please tell me you don't believe most, if not all, of that balderdash regarding a ludicrous mini-coup scenario which would be as lulzy as a "Birther" conspiracy tale, were not the latter actually taken seriously by a sizable contingent of the citizenry. But before I even chide you for sullying your hands by quoting bits of the fairy tale hatchet job on your blog, some matters which need clarification (unless I'm entirely missing some satire bit you were trying):

1) Your link on "the staged pics about watching a raid" has nothing to do with staged pics about watching a raid. Rather it has to do with staged pics about Presidential addresses. These pics are staged in order to preserve some understandable artifice for printed media consumers who cannot enjoy the same vantage as television watchers.

2) Your link on "may not have had vids at all" quotes Panetta as saying that there was some observation of the approach there, which implies that there were some vids of the raid -- unless your definition of 'raid' pertains to only the operation conducted inside the compound, in which case you're splitting a fine hair to achieve a dubious point.

3) Your link on "the weird deets about 44 college professor approach" cites neither anything weird nor details regarding Obama's approach to the operation. Rather it's just some pure speculation on what a prudent decision maker could/should have thought about. And if a college professor approach is supposed to be inferior in some way that I can't yet see, I should still think we can all prefer it to a "Bring it on!" methodology.

But to the centerpiece of your post! Tsk, tsk. Given all the articles that your read (or skim, as the above points imply), do you actually lend ANY credence to the badly written political fan-fiction? Why would you even stain your blog with it??

For starters (and hopefully enders), it's written by an anonymous dude who won't even take a byline and prefers to write under the moniker of Ulsterman; we both know that should sound immediate alarms. Furthermore, Ulsterman has been proven to be a fraud as far back as November 2010:

Apparently Ulsterman's form of journalism admits complete fabrication -- in one instance he cites a nonexistent professor and a fictional study. He is simply a charlatan perpetrator of lies serving the radical right:

By contrast, some actual journalism may have uncovered the true identity of the sad Ulsterman spectacle:

GSG, I've written before. You know I enjoy peeking in on your project of rah-rah blow-em-up mop-em-up diplomacy. That I'm writing this here entreaty after a Friday night's revelries should speak to that point. The blog is entertaining and perhaps even informative in its own way -- not unlike Rush Limbaugh or those radio shows that incessantly talk about UFOs. However, this post fell far beneath your usual standards; my views aside, I hope I've demonstrated that sufficiently. Do let's try to not merely regurgitate the vapid vitriol that swishes around the interwebs, radio, and cable TV. Hope to read you soon!

Disappointedly, Though Not Yet Despairingly, Yours,

Ellsworth M. Toohey

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Ellsworth! Come on - I said it was unverified and suspect and even hooked it up with fiction like Seven Days In May. Perhaps more subtle than an M1 Panzer crew taking a leak at the Iman Ali M'sque Parking Lot in Najaf but still...

Maybe take a closer peek?

- said...


Three things:

1) I'm tres embarrassed about spamming your comment section. *Blushes* There was some odd delay before publication. I thought my firewall was playing games with me so I tried (ahem ...repeatedly...) to publish using different methods. Sorry about that.

2) Ok, ok. Perhaps my pounce was too ... panther-esque? I mauled first and asked growling questions second. In my defense -- yes, I noticed the 'suspect' qualifier. And 'unverified gossip' still makes the absurd fiction seem like a salacious possibility. Quite frankly I didn't know if you were just hedging your bets with those terms. I also didn't think too much about the Seven Days In May reference besides it just being a pop culture plug.

But when 4 out of 7 paragraphs in the post are spent quoting the tripe, I'm still frowning though not fuming.

3) And if I overlooked your subtlety and erred on the side of falcon punch, then Jeremiah Wrong there -- our first, esteemed commenter -- completely mistook your subtlety as one affirmation of his loony faith. What's scary is that he's not alone and that you may have perpetuated more of his ilk and illness.

But I'm quite relieved that this is all cleared up. GSG, you gave me quite the fright! Whew.

With Comfort and Chagrin,

Ellsworth Toohey

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Ellsworth!

Ahh it's cooool bay bee!

joe from Lowell said...

The President getting different advice from different sets of advisors and then making up his mind is a "coup?"

Plans for different agencies' actions coming out of the agencies, rather than out of the White House political office, and then being presented to the President for his approval is a "coup?"


Jeebus, the right is this country really is terrified of independent thought.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Thanks Joe!

Unverified gossip and salty sass no doubt!

Jeremiah Wrong said...

"joe from Lowell" didn't even comprehend the story!

The point is that the Jayson Blair version of an alleged POTUS is not the one who made the call. His betters saw the need to seize the reins and take care of business because Ooga Booga was, like Bill Dereliction in the 90s, disinclined to act.

Jeremiah Wrong said...

Furthermore, what at all is implausible about the "White House Insider"'s account?

Anonymous said...

joe also linked to this at Lawyers, Guns and Money as 'eveidense' that 'conservatives' cannot abide independent thought.

He's been PWND


Jeremiah Wrong said...

The point is that Obongo did not "make up his mind"--hence, the need for the temporary coup.

Jeez, why are people simply unable to comprehend?

And what, at all, is implausible about the admittedly provocative story posted by Ulsterman?