Wednesday, May 4, 2011



As Great Satan fans cheer and lol repeatedly, without modesty or restraint about Seal Team Six's sexyful  Abootabootybad actionable activity actions - the retreatists rear their mis shapen heads.

In this poisonous mindset - now is the time to reshape Great Satan's diplopolititary dealings with the m"Hammedist world  

"...The United States should seize upon the death of bin Laden to promote urgent peace negotiations with the Taliban leadership. At the same time, drone attacks against militants in Pakistan, which destabilise the country and arouse fierce anti-American sentiment, should be halted. The killing of bin Laden was a clear success for US Special Forces, but many, indeed perhaps most, counter-terrorist operations are counterproductive as they inflame opinion and arouse hate. New terrorists are created rather than old ones tamed.

"...There also remains the unresolved Arab-Israel conflict, which has long been a major cause of Muslim and Arab hostility to the United States, and to the West in general. Will Obama’s new stature and authority, earned from the elimination of bin Laden, give him the political muscle he needs to deal with Israel’s far right government? Nothing is less certain.

"...Instead of welcoming the recent reconciliation of Fatah and Hamas as a major step towards Israeli negotiations with a united Palestinian movement, the United States has followed Israel’s lead in condemning it. Israel wants to divide the Palestinians precisely in order to avoid negotiations. In Washington, Israel’s friends in Congress are pressing for a ban on US aid to any Palestinian government that includes Hamas.

"...The democratic wave sweeping across the Arab world won’t tolerate US complicity in Israel’s decades-long oppression of the Palestinians. Egypt’s new leadership has already urged the United States to recognise Palestinian statehood and has announced that it will break the cruel siege of Gaza by opening the Rafah crossing on a permanent basis.

"...If the United States is to salvage its battered image in the Arab and Muslim world it must heed the new trend in the region. The killing of bin Laden may give US opinion a moment of triumphalism, but it needs to be followed by a major re-think of US policies. Only then will Americans be safe.

Uh wait  - say what now?

Talking with Taliban? Please. New offensives are annihilating Taliban and their 1995 class of recruits and old hand survivors. The only peace negotiations Great Satan and NATO need to hear from Taliban begins with their screams of GOD! PLEASE! STOP!

Palestine? LOL? Sorry Paddy boy - for whatever reasons - Americans are not particularly interested in anything intolerant rocket rich OBL fanboys in the world's first freely elected suicide regime have to say about anything. The Arab Spring proves the Little Satan Palestine Forever Quest is about as important as Season Three's box set of the X Files.

There is much to say about a new approach from Great Satan to certain elements in the world though - true enough.

And it needs to be mean and scary.

Pic - "An empowered public is the foundation for a stronger society, more effective government, and a more successful state.


Nygdan said...

"New terrorists are created rather than old ones tamed."
Tamed, or friggin' killed?
The solution to the old terrorist suggests a solution to the new ones.

"seize upon the death of bin Laden"
It wasn't merely his death though, it was his killing. The taliban is the one that should be 'seizing' the moment. And what did they do on Day 1 of their Spring Offensive? They sent a 12 year old on a suicide bombing mission to kill a civilian governor.
When are the terrorists going to get the message that for every one of their terror attacks, a SEAL is born?

"The killing of bin Laden was a clear success for US Special Forces"
Wasn't aware that the Green Berets were involved.

"give him the political muscle he needs to deal with Israel’s far right government? "
So now the problem isn't merely Israel, no it must be 'rightists' in Israel?
Maybe the problem are the people that run Gaza and all the other 'mourners of bin Laden' in the world.