Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That Valuable Ally

As former General B says - offing OBL "...marks the most significant U.S. victory to date in the war on terrorism. Its full consequences may not be known for months or even years, but the violent death of Al Qaeda’s leader in Pakistan during a U.S. strike is without question a "game changer." 

And that includes changing the game with Great Satan's 'valuable ally' - her only client new clear army with a fakebelieve nation/state attached - the one, the only - Land of the Pure

"...It is, sadly and inevitably, the beginning of a new chapter in an epic saga of death, destruction, deception and degeneration in Pakistan. If Americans are confused about exactly what Pakistan is up to, they need to get in line. Pakistanis are more confused -- utterly so.

"...This confusion has been carefully cultivated by a national elite whose singular focus is the accumulation of wealth, at all costs. In the near-decade since 9/11, Pakistan's generals, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats have constructed two separate and equally effective narratives. To the West, they sold the bin Laden version of Pakistan: a fanatical nation, full of restless natives armed to the teeth with hatred and -- if the West wasn't careful -- nukes. 

"...To ordinary Pakistanis, they sold the Ugly American version of the rest of the world: a big bad Uncle Sam and friends who were always burning Korans, knighting Salman Rushdies, and violating the Land of the Pure

All the mixed signals totally mixed up about the raid on OBL's lair just down the street from Kakul Warcraft Academy with several regiments of PAK army based all about confirms all the bad vibes  ppl have had about Pakistan for eons.

The operational aspects alone are amazingly brazen

"...How did the helos elude the Pakistani air defense network? Did they spoof transponder codes? Were they painted and tricked out with Pakistan Air Force equipment? 

Or consider

"...It doesn't take 40 minutes to start to scramble planes, or get troops to Abbottabad, and there is no getting into the town by land or air without the expressed consent of Pakistan's security establishment. This may not have been an official joint operation, but it was almost certainly a collective effort.  

Pakistan” is, above all, the Pakistani army and secret services, whose members are mostly of Punjabi descent. They have one purpose in life: fighting India.

"...Keeping bin Laden close, and seemingly protected within the Pakistani secret services, sent a message to the U.S.: if you favor India over Pakistan, we will turn him loose.

"...Now, the bin Laden bomb has been defused, but the problem of the Pakistani military remains. The end of the war on terrorism will not occur in Afghanistan but in Pakistan. Through a variety of measures, including cutting U.S. equipment supplies, the Pakistani military must be neutralized. In a more perfect world, India and Pakistan should someday be reunified or, at least, reconciled.

Pic - "Wolves in allied clothing" with Leticia Wolfe 


Anonymous said...

Most countries have an army, in Pakistan the Army has a country

Steven said...

The one issue I am personally getting annoyed with is that Pakistan must have helped out or how else could our helicopters get there without being detected. Well it's quite easy actually. It's called NOE, Nap of the Earth flying. Basically our guys are flying in not at thousands of feet, ie detectable by radar but at tree top level in mountainous and hilly regions you can easily hide helicopters from radar using terrain masking flying low (below 100ft). The first clue to Pakistan that something was up was probably from when the SEALs blew up the MH-60.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Damned good question for those not in the know:

How did the helos elude the Pakistani air defense network? Did they spoof transponder codes? Were they painted and tricked out with Pakistan Air Force equipment?

I'm betting they spoofed air defense much in the same manner Israel did with Syria during their raid on the nuclear reactor that was being built there.

We can thank our hacker team for that maneuver.

But what of Pakistan?

We can no longer trust them. They knew all along bin Laden was there. Just think, our funding Pakistan might have went toward sheltering public enemy number one.

I hope that we shift direction away from Pakistan. It's time to pull the money rug from underneath their feet, and for Christ sake, give our bubbleheads a mission to strike their nuclear arsenal with a ballistic missile.

learn the lessons from the Soviet Union - NEVER TRUST ISLAMISTS.

Anonymous said...

Unless ISI inc create another Osama-esque fan-boy. Kinda like Darth Vader evil emperor thing i mean c'mon 7 bills are on the line sweetie.