Friday, May 4, 2012


Respond to stimuli!

The true sign sump is alive of course - is watching it respond when ev a nerve or two is struck.

Check it - the needlessly tragic tale of Collectivist Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is an aperitif of sorts betwixt Daemoneoconism and the wicked amoral cult of stability nom d"guerr"d "realist," or  "Realpolitk" 
 "Realists will always find an excuse to ignore dissidents and dismiss their fight for freedom and liberty. Unfortunately, what these realists see as sophistication not only is amoral, but actively undercuts Great Satan"s long-term security."
Can anyone seriously dispute this?

Perhaps the 2nd or 3rd best apologist for Realism on earth (Fred Kaplan is still the king for those that score such pitiful meanderings) is GsGf's sparring partner since Surge Time - Greg Scoblete at the Compass who makes an unconvincing attempt to to play the relativity game - everything is equal, everything is cool meme featuring a curiously 'tarded stance about name calling: 
"Rubin's formulation elevates the unfortunate trade-off that can result from a realist approach as somehow the central, animating principle. In fact, it would be like saying that mass civilian death, torture and population displacements are the "core" of neoconservatism since that is what their policy produced in Iraq and would likely produce if U.S. "leadership" were exercised in places like Syria. But I wouldn't argue that such maladies are neoconservatism's "core" - since I don't believe neoconservatives are bloodthirsty sadists. Though, if I were a neoconservative, I certainly would be careful about throwing charges of "amorality" around. "
Avengers Assemble Greg!!

Better compare notes with Heilbron who gleefully makes it  - Kissingerian/Obamaism - cold calculating and utterly amoral:

44 gives off every sign of taking coldly antiseptic positions in foreign affairs. Again and again, 44 has dismissed the notion that he should get involved in the internal affairs of other countries. The Arab Spring? He viewed it with caution. Libya? He tried to lead from behind. Syria? He wants nothing to do with it. 
The administration wanted to divest itself of a problem and thought it was perhaps carving out a deal that would allow Chen to live safely in China. The "agreement" it struck with China may not be as weak as commonly assumed, though it could also prove entirely pyrrhic. If Chinese security forces were to attack Chen or his family, the country would suffer a public-relations disaster abroad. Still, once the hubbub dies down, Chen will likely be at the mercy of Chinese officials.  In any case, Obama—and Clinton—gave every sign of trying to wriggle out of the Chen affair with as little publicity as possible. Instead of seizing upon it to upbraid the Chinese, they soft-pedaled it, barely acknowledging that he was even residing in the American embassy in Beijing.
Pic - "Escape is never the safest way"