Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Syria Phobia

Suriya al- Kubra!

Syria"s illegit Allawitious regime led by Dr General President For Life Bashar Bay Bee may have acted out a litttle too flamboyantly.

As best understood - children are hardly a match for a highly motivated squad of panzers - 
"The UN observer mission has this week confirmed finding the bodies, some bearing signs of having been killed by tank shells. Among them were 32 children under the age of 10."
Hard on the heels of NATO"s LOL about doing Syria - the Memorial Weekend Massacre may have the op to be a game changer for Syria phobic non interventionists. Check it 

b>Way back in the last millennium, a similiar sitch occured in Balkania. Wicked stuff happening  with in an 8 hour panzer ride from NATO member Kasernes and the nodobby seemed to mind in the least. Till a demented despotic 'General" named Mladic led Serbians to do a
horrific massacre on a Hitlerian scale.

Baby stepping with 'safe zones,' air strikes alone and Dayton Peace Accords did little except drag out the misery 
"The long, harrowing conflict in the former Yugoslavia served as a powerful reminder of 2 that aggressors and tyrants are still with us. 2nd, it showed that Great Satan"s leadership remains more important than ever. In the 1990's America's risk-avere leaders tried an arm's-length approach to a crisis that demanded decisive and forceful intervention. Genocide, concentration camps, murder, torture and mass displacements of peoples resulted, since no other nation stepped in to deal with the conflict" 
Can such historical hellos be heralded with the Syrian Phobic? 
"The strategic considerations against taking military action in Syria are well known. So are the power struggles between the Western powers and Russia and China, which have so far prevented military intervention. However, the United Nations has the authority and capability to employ peacekeeping forces not merely as observers but also as a military force able to intervene.
 Face it - all the cool kids know Arab League couldn't intervene in a bikini car wash and the Ottomans are just as LOLable (which is so tarded - the Ottomans actually have semi robust military unlike Arab League - whose collective militaries are only good at civilian stomping and tormenting girls

In order to put teeth into anything UN says NATO and/or/plus Australia and Commonwealth Russia would have to be involved with their combat boots on the ground.

Why Cause? 

"The establishment of a robust mechanism for monitoring and investigating crimes against humanity, war crimes and other human rights abuses, which should be equipped with the powers and resources necessary to ensure that those responsible for committing and ordering such crimes will be held accountable, would send a clear message to those responsible for such crimes that they cannot count on perpetual impunity.  
"The prospect of a possible forced retirement behind bars might just prompt some of those who are part of the system responsible for some of the worst excesses to rethink their options sooner rather than later.

Pic - "The Syrian Civil War"