Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Liquidation Day!

Joyeuex Liquidation Day!!

Beleaf it or don't it, it's been 'zactley 1 year since Great Satan gate crashed that super secret magical compound sweetly located just off campus from That Valuable Ally"s Kakul Nat'l Warcraft Academy with several regiments of PAK army based all about Abottabad. 
"The architect of 9/11, the murderer of thousands of innocents, and one of the most barbaric figures on the face of the earth has finally been taken out. This is a great day for Great Satan and for the free world, and a message that the enemies of freedom will be hunted down. It is also a powerful reminder of the determination of the West to strike back against those who seek to threaten it. "
OBL was a supervillian LOL.  No doubt hajing in the perfumed Gardens of Paradise with  m"Hammed Atef having a shrieking good time perhaps. 

The events of last year still echo today:

al Qaeda's ironic bloody bona fides as a literally killer m"Hammedist clique of m"Hammedist killers are still intact.

And, while aQ may or not be destroyed, enroute to destruction or shape shifting into sump else (truly who can say?)  
 “Al-Qaida’s stated goals are now to: simply stay alive, try not to further alienate themselves, lower everyone’s expectations about their capabilities, and demonstrate a modicum of strategic relevance”
 aQ's Qutbahesque base tingly feeling passion for a purer and more m"Hammedist gov in the Arab world is partly succeeding via Arab Spring.  
 "Egypt is a case in point: This has been a year of mostly nonviolent democratic revolution. But it has brought to power some Salafist and Ikwhan groups that share common theological roots with bin Laden. And the al-Qaeda goal of driving the “apostate,” pro-American President Hosni Mubarak from power has been achieved".
The effect on Land of the Pure is as serious as it is immensely risible. Great Satan's only client new clear Army with an illiterate nation/state attached (blinging the fastest sprouting new clear arsenal on the planet) is a magical place where anything can happen!

Pakistani Spring for one! 

One new teazy twist is courtesy of Liquidation Day"s Legacy is the Pakistani public’s unexpected turn against PAK military. Popular anger at Great Satan for swooping into the country to kill bin Laden was matched by outrage that the military was caught sans trousers by Great Satan"s commandos.
"Why do we need such an expensive military if it can’t even protect the country’s borders and doesn’t know that the world’s most wanted man is hiding in a garrison town?"
  The televised spectacle of generals hauled to court to answer judges has mesmerized Pakistanis. 
 The 1st years legacy of Liquidation Day hath given the highest levels of Great Satan Command the ability to LOL the attorney brigade - Inter arma enim silent leges - and upgun Drones Gone Wild in the traditional Land of the Pure Flavor and the unbelievably new yummy Yemenlicious free style 

Pic - "Well, see, ppl like, see a strong horse and a weak horse - they prefer the strong horse"


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