Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fear God And Dread Naught

Cheese and Rice!!

You know how it is - leaving the club - kinda tipsy and BAMM!!

Blue lights.

"Oh no effing way. And I was the shot girl tonight."

Carrying the heavy curse of bearing test tubes filled with liquorious liquor for $3.00 per to a myriand of mayhemic menfolk and their arm candy - often times require delirious imbibation of the same. Face it, yours truly was buzzing.

PoPo was at the window, and certain elements were chawing icebreakers and nic nic nicotine gum like a mule chomping briars. Vic"s Secret Noir spray choked the air in a valiant attempt to stymie the coppers.

Licence and insurance proof proffered, moi awaited the follow up.

"Ma"am the reason i stopped you is - well, you weren't weaving  - but it looked like you were about to"

Whisker Tangy Foxwhat?  Exactly what the eff chance does that give me? Little voice inside my head says "Do Not respond to that"

"Ma"am I noticed your concealed carry permit next to your license. Do you have any fire arms in your possession at this time?"



The popo's giant face was like leering inside my ride.

"And they are?" More like a command than a quiz. What the heck.

"Whale, see I haffa Glock 9mm in the glove box. And a Sig und Sauer 9mm in the dash."

"Hmmm. Anything else?"

"Yessir. I haffa Walther PPK in me purse"

A bone crushing silence lasting about 8 seconds...

"And what are you afraid of ma"am?"

Looking him straight in the eye with the best smile money can buy.

"Not a damn thing sir"


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