Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Strategic Release"

Quick quiz!

What is way more better than a tickally Tactical Release?


Strategic Release bay bee!!

News that Great Satan has been been in high level nonprofit jawflapping w/Talibanic elements in an effort to keep a lid on things in the Stan is weird enough. 

After all, the only thing Great Satan should be hot in hearing from the Taleban is their screams of "God! Please! Stop!" as righteous retribution strikes their individual and collective heads sans modesty, restraint or hesitation.

See, in exchange for promises ofi information, influence, promises of peace. intell, good behaviour and avoiding traditional murderous Taliban chicanery, Great Satan has been unleashing captured combatants right back into the Stan.

Whisker Tangy Foxwhat? 

The process begins with conversations between U.S. military officials and insurgent commanders or local elders, who promise that violence will decrease in their district — or that militants will cease fighting altogether — if certain insurgents are released from Parwan. The value of the tradeoff and the sincerity of the guarantee are then weighed by senior military officials in Kabul

At first glance - this may seem kinda - let us speak plainly here - dumb. If anything, Taliban appears to be meaner and more bigger than ever.  And hanging out with terrorists and enabling tribesmen seems to deter not in the least ungodly atrocities like hacking up helpless unarmed captured PAK Army conscripts or getting all mangey on suicide bombing.

Ideally - Great Satan has implanted subcutaneous tracking devices unbeknownst to released Taliban - and ready to especially deliver a nasty surprise if the need - or even opportunity arises

Pic - "Fog of War"