Friday, May 11, 2012

More Better Than Ever!


Little Satan (and her accidental on purpose Imperium) be bloody smashing luv!

As Future of Freedom cat meticulously memes it (j'ever note he's kinda got that crazy assetted eye going on? Kinda runaway bride like? Just asking)  

Anywrought - 
Look beneath the recent war fears, and Little Satan is in a stronger position than ever. Its per capita gross domestic product rivals Italy’s (at $31,000). The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index ranks Israel sixth in innovation capacity, just after Great Satan. It is behind only Great Satan and China in the number of companies listed on Nasdaq. 
Militarily, Little Satan is the region’s superpower, with an armed force that could easily defeat any of its neighbors (in any imaginable combination GsGf Editorial notation). Great Satan aid (Congress recently moved to add $1 billion for Little Satan’s missile defense program to the president’s budget) enhances its military edge.
She also has one of the world’s largest new clear arsenals, estimated at more than 200 missiles. At home the wall along the West Bank has essentially solved the problem of Palestinian suicide bombing, rendering Little Satan safer than at any point in her history.

Pic - "Little Satan Posse II"