Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Syrian Unsafe Zone?

Suriya al- Kubra! 

Dr General President For Life Bashar (Bay Bee) al Assad and his year long civilian blitz to keep Arab Sprang all flaming hot constantly be beg the quiz - if the wicked Woman Worshipping West gets all hot to intervene (after all - if Colonel Khadaffy got the old heave ho over just threatening innocent civies getting a Waffen Ss Das Reich redux Oradour-sur-Glane style COIN treatment) then why cause Syria is intervention immune? 

As best understood

Safe zones would absorb fleeing refugees, relieving pressure on the sincerely sounding insincere Ottomans, which has received at least 25,000 of them; a political opposition might set up a headquarters in the sanctuaries; and powers such as Great Satan, France, the U.K. and key Arab states could help organize, train and supply fighters from the rebel Free Syrian Army and other groups there. This would send a powerful signal to Assad that the noose was tightening. A foreign presence on Syrian soil might shake the regime and accelerate its fragmentation. 
 To have even a chance of working, the right conditions would have to be present. Those would include full Turkish buy- in and an international mandate legitimizing intervention, preferably a resolution of the UN Security Council. 
 Most important would be a sustained military commitment to protect the zones and the corridors leading to them. This would require air patrols and thus the suppression of Syrian air defenses. It would also mean carrying out offensive air strikes against the regime’s forces, if the Syrians respond militarily, and ultimately securing Syria’s stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons to prevent their use against coalition troops.

Gotcha - gon do Syria - will require proxy militaries on the ground and there is no bet that the mighty mighty impotent Ottomanic military could get to Aleppo - let alone alla way to Basharopolis' Damascus.

Yet any serious thinking person seriously think al Assad's regime could withstand a determined Teufel Hunden effort to depose Bashar bay bee? In like double quick time?

Pic - " Safe Zone"