Friday, August 10, 2012

Axis Of Resistance


While the Axis of Evil is still about - a sub group has emerged! The self proclaimed Axis of Resistance - composed and comported of Preacher Command"s Persia,  the  illegit Allawicious regime in ye old Suriya al- Kubra and Persia"s proxilicious minions in Hiz"B"Allah.

Kinda a two issue tri partie - the AoR is a Shiafied anti Little Satan and anti Western posse of sorts. 

The Sunnilicious HAMAS Strip sometimes hooks up with the Axis - yet recently rattled the Axis  and split off due to Syria"s Wookie Sized Dr General President For Life Bashar"s penchant for conducting a Waffen Ss Das Reich redux Oradour-sur-Glane style COIN treatment on his very own peeps.

And that is the Axis' Achilles Heel!

After all - how can cats who have bona fides bout Resistance  stand up and go "YaY! Bashar!! Kill all of your resistance"? 

The prospect of an eventual regime collapse in Syria is already resonating in Tehran.

Iranian leaders have proclaimed their support of Arab uprisings against pro-Western “tyranny” as part of a broader “Slamic awakening” that they claim is a natural extension of Iran’s own 1979 Islamic revolution. But pointedly not among the list of those Iran-recognized “awakenings” is Syria, which Iran claims is different, and the subject of manipulation and “sedition” by Western and Little Satan “enemies.”

Axis of Resistance poses significant challenges for diplopolititary chicanery in the Middle East.  
 Iran’s support for Syria has helped the Assad regime sustain a brutal campaign of repression against the Syrian people, insulating it from the full effect of international and Arab sanctions. Syria’s support for Iran has enhanced Tehran’s regional influence, promoted Hiz"B"Allah"s power in Lebanon, and helped to consolidate an “axis of resistance” that has reshaped the strategic balance in the Middle East.

Two of the four members of the Resistance and Deterrence Front have been hit by the Arab uprisings. Others will follow in due course.

Pic - "Today, none of the parties can soberly contemplate the prospect of a conflict that would be uncontrolled, unprecedented and unscripted."