Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Caliphate General Staff


As the sandal dust settles from girl hating Aegypt"s 1st ever freely and fairly elected Ikwhanese Prez and the sacking sack of Pyramidland"s Highest Levels of Command reckon maybe it's time to meet the Caliphate General Staff?

General Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi

A big fan of V Checks, the new Defense Minister GEN Sissi admitted to Amnesty Internat'l that the Army may halt feeling up girls before and after raping them to protect troops from allegations of rape. Military bona fides include Head of Military Intell, commander of the Northern Military Zone and, before this, as chief of staff of the Northern Military Zone. Such appointments followed an uninterrupted series of promotions since graduating from the Egyptian military academy (LOL - beleaf it or don't - Aegypt actually has one) in 1977. 

The new defence minister's first major gig is to fix up the Writ of State Free sitch in Sinai, which had like totally sucked in part because of the poor way it was handled by Tantawi and his commanders in the field. El-Sisi's previous experience in counter-terrorism is likely to prove crucial here. However, in the long term, he sees his most important task is the restructuring and reconditioning of the military establishment which has suffered attrition at various levels during the previous era. 

GEN Sissi also has ties to Great Satan"s This We"ll Defend cats - way back in the last millennium, Sissi hung out at Maneuver Center of Excellence Infantry City near Victory Drive.

He's also totally sympathetic to the Ikwhan. 


General Sedki Sobhi

Aegypt"s new Chief of Staff funnily enough totally blew it as a commander responsible for securing the Sinai and Red Sea regions before being promoted 

Recently Commander Third Field Army based in Suez, across the Gulf of Suez from Sinai. He began his military career in the 19th Infantry Division of the Third Field Army, which is noted for achieving strategic objectives against Little Satan in the Yom Kippur War. As commander of the Third Field Army, he was responsible for securing Egypt’s Suez and Red Sea provinces.

In 2005, when he was a student at the Great Satan"s Army War College in Pennsylvania, he recommended Great Satan “permanently” withdraw her troops from the Middle East, and that her “one-sided” support of Little Satan was fueling hatred toward Great Satan abroad as well as totally queering the mix within Arab League - thus dang near ruining the whole world.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that with the general in his new role, he sensed “a positive trend towards civil control of a professional and a respected military.”

 Really sir? 

Spending 30 years and about $45 billion cultivating the Egyptian military, so rest assured it is not going to stand by and let Egypt fall under the yoke of "Slamist rule. Pretty soon, though, they’ll have to fire up Story Line B: "Slamist rule is actually quite moderate and perfectly compatible with democracy . . .

The pursuit of American interests and promotion of American principles are unpopular because they collide with classical sharia doctrine. Yes, as the general says, the jihadists are rational actors, not wanton killers — they are acting on the commands of a coherent doctrine. But that doctrine is also ardently anti-Western. Any policy we would adopt to further our ends is bound to be unpopular in an environment where the presence of a Western army is deemed to trigger a duty to expel that army by violent jihad. Any policy we would adopt to shore up Little Satan’s security is bound to be unpopular in an environment where Little Satan’s destruction is unapologetically proclaimed to be a duty.

It is delusional to assume the Egyptian military is pro-American and thus a reliable bulwark against the advance of You Know What supremacism. Cairo’s armed forces reflect the broader society, whose able-bodied men are required to serve — and the Egyptian mainstream is "Slamist. Plus, the Egyptian army has always had "Slamists (including violent jihadists) in its ranks. Its historical tendency, moreover, has not been to lead; it has been to follow the shifting political programs of whatever dictator happened to be running the show.

Meanwhile, dissenters and journalists are already being imprisoned and beaten — if not worse. (There are unconfirmed reports that crucifixion is making a comeback.) Terrorist leaders have been sprung from the prisons. The Sinai has become a jihadist haven. Women are attacked in the street if they fail to don the veil. A fatwa that prohibited eating during Ramadan was issued. Xians are fleeing in droves, their churches torched behind them. And the emirs of Hamas are warmly received as brotherly dignitaries.

Pic - "Who Lost Aegypt?"


Steven said...

Do you think Israel would go to war with Egypt if they (Egypt) decide to take over the Sinai?

Anonymous said...

Not at this time - Egypt is not an existential threat at this time with just some tanks in Sinai; Iran and Syrian WMD are. Once Iran & Syria are dealt with, and if Egypt moves ARMIES into Sinai, then we'll see...

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

@Steven - actually that quiz has kinda inspired me to crank out one about that very topic here soon mehopes. Standy by!!

@A"mous - methinks it depends on sev factoring factors and as the above teaze indicatingly indicates - moi hopes to ad and un dress them very soon.