Monday, August 13, 2012

Instant Karma

"Karma"s a B!tch!!"

Actually - that commonly used meme is actually incorrect.

See, as best understood in those mysteriously misunderstood eastern philosophies, karma - often meant as a sort of payback for chicanery - good or bad - in life that visits itself on the heads of the perps. Not in this life mind ye - but in the next life as the karmic wheel keeps clanking along.

Instant Karma is what they really mean. When payback for deeds in this life revisit lol

And in a delightfully delish diss - the Posse of Allah appears to be suffering from some Instant Karma right now!

Led by the overtly robust (n xtra girthy) creepy Body Part Collector General,  the resistance Posse of Allah  (seemingly way more adept at 'resisting' the legit gov of Lebanon than foreign bizzy bodies) has been engaging and indulging in a Forever War of sorts that has made the Posse  the most powerful source of militancy in the Middle East.

Lebanon’s Syrian- and Iranian-sponsored Party of Allah  is the most formidable non-state army in the world and by far the deadliest and most effective fighting force ever fielded against Little Satan. 

So it's kinda LOLable to see the Body Part Collector General of the Posse that pioneered kidnapping into an asymmetrical art form decry such tactics when they are successfully aimed at his peeps!

“Religiously, this is forbidden. Morally, this is a very disgraceful crime. Kidnapping the innocent does harm to you and all what you claim or say you are seeking.” 

Yessir Sayid! What a dang shame!!  
Coming from the longtime leader of Hezbollah, the anti-kidnapping messaging is not particularly credible. After all, in the 1980s kidnapping Westerners in Lebanon was an essential element of the organization’s modus operandi . Even today, Hezbollah still favors the tactic, now prizing Israeli civilian and military targets. Needless to say, Hezbollah has not suddenly reformed and decided to reject kidnapping. The organization merely opposes the abduction of its members.

Regardless of exactly who these alleged “pilgrims” are—and we may never know—there is some poetic justice in Nasrallah suffering the frustration of vulnerability in the face of kidnapping. At the same time, by supporting the massacres over the past 16 months, Nasrallah and Hezbollah engendered the hatred of millions of Sunnis next door who almost assuredly will hold a grudge after Assad. Ultimately, this dynamic is likely to exacerbate sectarian tensions along the Lebanese/Syrian border, exposing Lebanon’s Shiites to violence on a scale not seen in decades.

Pic - "Instant Karma"s gonna get you - knock you right on the head"