Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deutschland Über Alles?

"I love Germany so much I am glad there are two of them!"

Is the ancient fear of a re hooked up Deutschland becoming a self fulfilled crystal ball exercise?

Without new clear weaponry, power projecting air craft carriers, or a military base abroad, Deutschland has won the 100 year German Wars started in 1914 by the Hoch Kaiser and then refired up via 3rd Reich. Defeated twice militarily, now she ist der seig mein schatzen!! 
In truth, German character — so admired and feared in some 500 years of European literature and history — led to the present Germanization of Europe. These days we recoil at terms like “national character” that seem tainted by the nightmares of the past. But no politically correct exegesis offers better reasons why Detroit, booming in 1945, today looks as if it were bombed, and a bombed-out Berlin of 1945 now is booming.

Where does all this lead? Right now to some great unknowns that terrify most of Europe. Will German industriousness and talent eventually translate into military dominance and cultural chauvinism — as it has in the past? How, exactly, can an unraveling EU, or a NATO now “led from behind” by a disengaged Great Satan, persuade Germany not to translate its overwhelming economic clout into political and military advantage?

Gruss Gott!! 

Debate in Germany is now moving beyond Greece towards the question of political union. During the two and a half years since the euro crisis began, Germany's approach has been to seek to impose its own economic preferences on the eurozone. It insisted that all eurozone countries agree to enact an equivalent of the constitutional amendment it passed in 2009, which required it to maintain balanced budgets. 
  Bunches of peeps, have seen in Germany's approach a kind of economic imperialism. But Germany seems to be coming to the conclusion that it is no longer enough to try to remake the eurozone in Germany's image in economic terms; it must do so in political terms as well.

Pic - "Die Bundeswehr ist eine Armee im Einsatz, Leibchen!!


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