Thursday, August 9, 2012

Writ Of State

As best understood - the ancient Westphalian concept can often be dumbed down to mean only l'etat has the monopoly on violence ( and you know THAT means lol ). In the new millennium voltiguer, conscript and professional armies, police and militaries are the nation/state's instrument of choice in full filling certain statecraft crafts.

Writ of State they calls it. It's also semi understood that in the sunny sunny climes betwixt Suez and Indus - Writ of State is more like a fakebelieve concern than anything with real meaning.

And failure to maintain Writ of State means a low intensity conflict may very well xform into a high intensity conflict.

Ev since the Undying Pharaoh Hosni got the heave ho and Ikwhan has won the reins of power fair and square in  Pyramidland"s rowdy electile dysfunc func functional elections - Aegypt  has been unable to enforce Writ of State in the peninsula looking peninsula called the Sinai peninsula.

Eager to open up a 4th front against Little Satan - certain 7th century minded elements made the Haj to the AO and have plotted, prepped and perp"d unspectacular terrorist attacks.

Til now!

  On Sunday, a team of Sinai-based creeps launched an attack on the border crossing post into Gaza at Rafah, in conjunction with their brethren from inside the HAMAS Strip. Killing 16 Egyptian border guards and commandeered an armoured car and a truck. Suicide bombers in the truck blew an opening in the border defenses. The up armored car - with another team of suicide bombers - gate crashed into Little Satan where it was sweetly vaporized by a Little Satan combat jet.

Aegypt's mighty mighty Army has decided to uphold Writ of State (finally!! LOL!!) using combat choppers to strike intolerant camps and bring paradise - the shadow of the blade - to cats who, for whatever reason have chosen top race off to the next life instead of prepping for this one. 

  V checks to torment girls, sitting on their hands at the shiny shiny M1 panzer factory within blitz range of Khartoum during the Dar Fur horrors, continuing Arab League talent for tolerating inhumanity crises like an inability to sortee a reinforced mechanized brigade right next door to Libya to protect their own near kin with the same dialect, customs, bloodlines, 'ligion and traditions. - Aegypt"s military is finally doing their real gig - enforcing Writ of State 

On this issue there is some limited convergence of interest between Egypt, Little Satan and Hamas, the terrorist organisation which rules Gaza. Little Satan cannot operate inside Sinai because for strategic reasons it needs the 'cold peace' with Egypt to continue.

As a smaller branch of the Muslim Brotherhood which now rules Egypt, Hamas cannot afford for lunatic jihadists in Gaza to mow down dozens of Egyptian soldiers. If nothing else, Egyptians are a patriotic people. President Morsi cannot fail to act.

Hence this morning, Egyptian army helicopters struck at jihadist encampments inside Sinai, reportedly killing twenty of them. The Egyptians and Hamas have also sealed off the network of tunnels connecting Sinai with Gaza, through which cheap fuel and goods routinely flow.

The alternative to robust and stern action by Cairo is that Little Satan will deal with threats to its security from Sinai itself, which would immediately turn what's left of the 'cold peace' into a 'hot war'. Judging from today's strikes by the Egyptian army, the Ikwhan regime in Cairo has decided that Egyptian national security trumps sympathy for jihadist extremists. 

That is a sign of progress, of a sort.

Pic - "Drones Over Sinai"