Friday, August 24, 2012

"Least Horrible"

It"s official!!

Not unlike being chased off a cliff by vicious savages intent on doing grievous harm only to fall bassackwards into a boatload of hot wimmenses! 

 See, alla cool kids knew eons ago that Drones Gone Wild is the "least horrible option" for Great Satan"s excellent adventure in crazy assetted places where Writ of State is as rare as a Victoria"s Secret franchise.

You know - especial spots in the CENTCOM Gap betwixt the Nile and Indus - like Pakistan"s Land of the Pure and Yemen. Where the States effective range is like unto the effective range of an AK 47 (400/500 metres for those that collect such intell).

The sad ancient memes that Great Satan is bizzy bizzy creating metric tonnes of enemies, draining vital resources, making it more funner and easier to haj to uncool terrorist rich spots and kill sans worries about GENCON, incarceration and care for captured cats, converting fence sitters into active anti American combatants and POing easily unhinged elements on Foreign turf remains easily LOLed 


"Contrary to conventional wisdom, we see little evidence that these actions are generating widespread anti-American sentiment or recruits for AQAP.... In short, targeted strikes against the most senior and most dangerous AQAP terrorists are not the problem, they are part of the solution."

And such sexyful solutions are sweetly swaying just in reach 
 While most Pakistanis deplore the drones when polled about them, FATA residents who have first-hand knowledge of specific strikes and who really died in them are, "very positive.... They know who's being killed."

So while the risk of backlash against Drones Gone Wild!! attacks is real, the alternatives are worse because they would cause even more unintended casualties -- American, allied, and civilian -- while doing less damage to the terrorists. It would be ideal to capture terrorists, bring them to justice, and interrogate them rather than kill them yet in the Pakistani tribal lands, "there are no police, there are no law enforcement agencies. When the Pakistani military goes in after insurgents, "they're very imprecise and kill loads of people," sending thousands of civilians fleeing from their homes.

An American ground attack would be even more costly in human, military, and political terms After 9/11, Great Satan"s's initial response to countries that it thought harbored terrorists was to invade, not just bomb specific targets: 

Money Shot

The shift to drones, is actually a de-escalation bay bee!! 

A reaction to this overreaction. The risk of anti-Great Satanism backlash remains but it is driven less by drone strikes specifically than by unNeoconic support in general for oppressive regimes, like that in Yemen, as they crack down "indiscriminately" against both terrorists and political critics.

Whoa!! Yet what about the 77 million innocent dead civilians that wide spread drone carnage creates? 
 Really lousy data. There are no birth certificates and there are no death certificates and many news reports on drone strike deaths don't even "try to confirm there was in fact a burial." 

Drone strikes tend to take place in the same areas where insurgents and the Pakistani authorities are already clashing and, on closer examination, some of the injuries attributed to drones are more likely to come from terrorist bombs -- "the Taliban don't always claim the bad stuff they do" -- or from errant ordnance from Pakistani military operations. Some of the alleged victims don't seem to have ever existed.
Pic - "Drones are a tool of strategy, and a powerful one!"