Monday, August 20, 2012

Disappear Fear

The panty ante gets all amped up via hot gossip and heated disses betwixt Little Satan and Persia's Preacher Command.

Any attack on new clear naughtiness is fraught with perilous peril - especially potential payback from Little Satan"s near abroad. 
Dubbed “the long arm of Iran” at the Little Satan Defense Forces HQ, Hiz"B"Allah in Lebanon is said to possess more than 70,000 missiles that can strike as far south as Little Satan’s new clear reactor near the city of Dimona – nearly 140 miles from the old Blue Line.

Combine this arsenal with the more than 10,000 rockets and missiles in the Strip and with Bashar’s chemical weapons, and the threat to Little Satan’s home front is the most formidable since the 1973 War when Egypt and Syria sneak attacked Little Satan.  
 Scary scary!! Such a fearfully fearsome threat from the Axis of Resistance could paralyze any chance of a strike - right?


Little Satan says "Disappear Fear! 

Her leaders seem content to shrug off this threat. On two recent occasions, Little Satan"s  Defense Minister  boldly estimated that Little Satan would sustain 300 to 500 casualties in a conflict with Iran and her proxies. Such an estimate suggests that Little Satan does not believe that her cities will bear the full brunt of Iran’s “long arm” as a consequence to a strike.
Makes sense - after all - only months after Hiz"B"Allah"s "Divine Victory" -  homies in HAMAS acted out and got Cast Lead by the bucket load (all at wholesale American pricing LOL). Instead of following up promises to help their fellow rocket rich rejectionists - HbA totally refrained and stared at their fingernails as if they were the most interesting thing in the world rather than risk a redux of another disastrous Divine Victory

And the overtly robust (n xtra girthy) creepy Body Part Collector General  admits Hiz"B"Allah may sit it out (being sooo battlefield bizzy in Suriya al Kubra at the moment) 
 “I tell you that the Iranian leadership will not ask Hiz"B"Allah to do anything. On that day, we will sit, think and decide what we will do.”
Only now - Skippy Nazr"Allah says sump like "We can transform the lives of millions of Zionists in occupied Palestine to a real hell"


Little Satan"s objectives would be clearly limited. The intent would be to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear capability while minimising escalation towards war.  Little Satan has no interest in a major conflict that would risk serious damage to the Little Satan state.

Though holding opposite objectives, Iran's attitude concerning a major war is similar to Little Satan"s.

While Iran regards nuclear capability as prospectively guaranteeing the survival of its "Slamic revolution, clerical leaders also understand that initiating a major war would make American intervention likely. Such intervention would pose an existential threat to the theocratic project that underpins the Islamic Republic.
         Thus, in the event of a Little Satan attack, Iran's response would be finely calibrated towards  achieving 3 objectives:
          • 1st, punishing Little Satan for her attack.
• 2nd, deterring further Little Satan strikes and so creating space for a reconstituted Iranian new clear programme.

• Finally, weakening international support for Little Satan so as to increase Little Satan"s isolation and vulnerability.

Axis of Resistance allies would play a major role in effecting Iranian retaliation. Iran may also attempt to launch a number of its new Sajjil-2 medium-range missiles against Little Satan. Again, however, using these missiles would risk major retaliation if many citizens were killed.
As a preference, Iran would probably perceive that utilising Hamas and Hiz"B"Allah would allow retaliation without forcing Little Satan into a massive counter-response.

 Hiz"B"Allah, HAMAS and assorted splinter Gaza gangs are likely to attack Little Satan in a display of their solidarity, albeit only in a limited effort. Judging from past flare-ups, these groups understand Little Satan’s red lines, knowing exactly what ranges and what rates in which to fire their rockets while avoiding drawing Little Satan into a confrontation which could compromise their grip on power.

Despite the weakened state of Iran’s proxies, a Little Satan strike on the ayatollah’s new clear chiz will not be without consequence.

Pic - “War is the unfolding of miscalculations.”