Monday, October 12, 2009

Creating The Kill Zone

Just like "Surge" slammed the trap lid shut on Iraq, xftorming a giant sucker trap for foreign fighters, hajis', Iranian minions, Syria agents and rowdy cats from Arab League into a giant killing zone for foreign fighters, Iranian minions, Syrian agents and rowdy cats from Arab League - looks like the sucker bait works in AFPAKland too.

'...4,000 fighters, mostly from Chechnya, North Africa, and Pakistan, have joined with them and they are involved in the fighting in Afghanistan."

The Chechens are considered somewhat magical among Imperialist mohammedist auxillaries -as they actually aim their weaponry, are often trained on it and use tactical manuvers learned the hard way in battling semi western combat style Russian Commonwealth forces in the Caucasas.

Since Taliban has diminished talk about their diminished threat level on either side of Durand Line and beyond, launching a Surge of their own - this bit of intell is significant.

Great Satan is creating the Kill Zone -- luring them in and setting them up.

Pic "Maria and Metropolis"


Peter said...

While it's true that we will have a target rich environment, will our guys (and gals) be allowed to shoot?

I fear that we will see a shoot/no shoot decision going up from PFC to SGT To Capt. to Col to three JAG lawyers straight up to a five politician committee. Then the approval will have to go back down the line only by the time it gets back to the SGT the PFC is dead and the SGT is bleeding out.

But 44 will be polishing his Prize!