Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Long Road To Indecision"

Road trips are always a hoot! Especially when trekking out to parts unknown like an alien city or event venue to catch a fave act. Despite the best in Land Navigation goodies (map quest for the unhip) - such travels and travails are magically - anything can happen!

And time is the killer.

Probably the best map out yonder for the coupless coup betwixt 44 and Pentagon for the amazing and underwhelming Commander in Chief gig at decision making time is the hot! vulcan (v2.0) Dr Thomas Donnelly (oh - he got game baybee!!)

"The larger pattern of White House behavior over the past six months strongly suggests that, not long after completing its initial and much ballyhooed Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy review and then selecting Gen. Stanley McChrystal to implement it, the administration began to get very cold feet about the war it had described as a strategic necessity. "

Whoa! Dr D lays it out to play it out and makes a convincing case for his premise -- including the refuting refute Sec Gates scored about time is not our friend in the crunk and disorderly wilds of AFPAKLand versus 44's homies wishing they could wish away the Long war.

Pic "Roam Baby Roam!"


Steve Harkonnen said...

Afghanistan is their biggest blunder.

I feel that the Taliban is Pakistan's problem - not ours, because it's been 8 years and bin Laden is still alive. While the Taliban and al-Qaida may be allies, the idea of knocking out bin Laden should've been the priority here.

Obama is probably listening to CAIR's advice. That's why nothing's happening. These stupid libtards shouldn't be working in the white house. They should be passing out smiley stickers in wal mart.

Raedwulf said...

Sadly if we leave Afghanistan the Taliban and other extremists will not leave us alone. They also will not stop trying to overthrow Pakistan to create a nuclear armed Caliphate.
This war sucks, as do all wars. Yet we have a track record of what the Taliban do when in power. It is filled with human rights abuses, destruction of cultural icons, and ubuse of women and minorities. Let us fight this war to win it. If you want to know how to win, read up on Timurlane.

Peter said...

That Donnelly feller makes some sense. Thing is, I have a big problem with defense experts who have never so much as been a PFC. I'm no defense expert, just a guy who served in a war we weren't allowed to win, although we won every fight.

My problem with this indecision is pretty simple. I believe it's leading to another war we won't win, in spite of, again, winning every fight. What then?

What happens when that same bunch of clowns thinks up and finances another big hit? This time with, say, better bioweapons that those lame Anthrax attacks. Or a nice small nuke, say about one hundred kilotons. What will those Washington asshats do then? Assuming, of course that the small nuke isn't from a boat on the Potomac?