Monday, October 19, 2009

Shadow Government

Shadow Government - usually a scary term - fully crunk with conspiracy - is not

the case in this particular sitch.

As the hottest site on the web (and in print) for all things Foreign Policy
- Josh Keating has done a bang up job keeping Foreign Policy Magazine's goodies forward leaning (at times with some edge cutting thinking).

FoPo Online has a great select of daily blogs by Pulitzer Prizers, wicked ammoral Realists and notes from the Loyal Opposition.

Enter Shadow Government.

Congrats to Jamie M Fly of the hot! new daemoneoconic Foreign Policy Iniatives!

Mr Fly (whose bona fides are down right all together with it) has signed on to share insight and intell on the Shadow Gov page. His psychic abilities are worthy. And he's done stuff at Weekly Standards and NRO.

And to be fair - it is needed!

"The United States remains the world's indispensable nation -- indispensable to international peace, security, and stability, and indispensable to safe-guarding and advancing the ideals and principles we hold dear."

Check out his 1st foray into "Shadow Gov", welcome him aboard and leave him a commentary

Art - "Nothing Shadowy about it"


Steve Harkonnen said...

Actually, I'm game for a total revamping of our foreign policies. They suck.

Not particularly pleased with our situation in Afghanistan. So here we are eight years later and bin Laden's still alive and al-Qaida is still kicking...yet we're after the Taliban like a dog after a bad sore, yet still....I wonder why.

The Waziristan accords allowed us, invited us in there with no intervention from PK, yet we refused to go in. We could've had bin Laden in a cell by now eating strawberry pop-tarts sans the icing just to be complete and utter bastards, but no, let's go after "the Taliban" who are about as threatening as invading penguins on a Thursday night.

Now if we are going to go into Afghanistan with a sworn mission to kill every Jihadist over there, DO IT. Don't waste American time on skirmishes and body losses.

And what the heck is stalling Obama from making up his mind while more and more Americans will continue to die?