Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nobel Noir

Great Satan's premier America Firster (Oh! He got game bay bee!! ) the avuncular Dr John Bolton has a great piece up about 44's overwhelmingly underwhelmingly fan club award from the land of the ice, snow and the midnight sun.

"...Their message really is quite straightforward: "Jimmy Carter in 2002, Al Gore in 2007 and now Barack Obama. Do you Americans get the point yet?" It is precisely the preachiness and attitude of moral superiority inherent in these awards that many Americans find offensive, and which may, ironically, leave President Obama in a more difficult position here and abroad than before the award.

"...What, for example, what will be the world’s reaction if he agrees to his military commanders’ request to increase American forces in Afghanistan by 40,000 troops? What will be the reaction here if he does not? And this is far from the last hard choice the new Peace Prize winner will face during the remainder of his presidency, from Middle East conflicts, to Iranian and North Korean nuclear proliferation, to Hugo Chavez in this hemisphere. The president owes his best answers to his fellow Americans, not five miscellaneous Norwegian politicians.

"...The Nobel Committee, as its chairman proudly boasted, has engaged in "realpolitik," directly intervening in American politics. It has thereby shown just how little it understands our country, it has gravely undermined its own credibility, and it has devalued the Peace Prize itself. Instead of preening itself on the wonderfulness of honoring Obama, the Nobel Committee should have worried more that it was actually hanging an albatross around his neck.

Pic - "Ambassador Bolton Omage'"


Parvus said...

Bolton kicks ass! But "America Firster" brings up images of Jew-baiting isolationists from the '30s... and Bolton don't play that way. I'd go with "Great Satan's premier Pax Americanista!"

Keep up the good work! =]

Winston said...

Iranian girl Neda should have been given the prize

Peter said...

I wonder what this batch of people who could win the Nobel Prize For Foolishness will say when the Iranians get their nukes mounted on missiles, flings a couple at Israel and, Israel, in it's death throes, flings it's one to two hundred nukes at every target they think bears a share of the blame?

Stopthepresses2 said...

Jesse Jackson speaks about Obama's Nobel Prize

Some say with surprise
Obama how’d he
get a Peace Prize?

They say how could he have won?
With all his accomplishments
he aint done

Some say the Nobel committee gave him a present
For voting in the U.S. Senate
130 times present

But just in case you missed it
All his accomplishments
I will now list it

How about that bling,
He got that
from a Saudi King

Often he would score
In a basketball game
15 points or more

Or how can you discount his dreams?
He had
for our Olympic teams

Or what about all the Community organizing he has done
Teaching inner city kids
being chased by gangs how to run

The Nobel committee Obama they did choose
Look at Bush
all he ever got was a pair of shoes