Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Satan's Hiz'B'Allahaha

While Little Satan's rowdy bona fides in asymmetrical warfare of the spy type, commando panty raids, and mafia style hits are well known Ron Bergman (oh! he got game bay bee!)shares a bit of insight about the recent run of bad luck Hiz'B'Allah has had in their very own preacher paradise sanctuaries.

While Resolution 1701 forbids weaponry deployed (or stashed) south of Litani River -- recent events may prove the gross body part collector General has violated an agreement hammered out in good faith.

Since July - alledged arsenals of the rocket rich rejectionists have been plagued by explosive mishaps.

The potential for future mishaps is incredible!

"As part of its combat doctrine, which eschews reliance on reinforcements and resupply, Hiz'B'Allah has stockpiled its weapons throughout Lebanon, but particularly near the Israeli border.

"According to current Israeli intelligence estimates, HBA has an arsenal of 40,000 rockets, including Iranian-made Zelzal, Fajr-3, Fajr-5, and 122 mm rockets (some of which have cluster warheads) and Syrian-made 302 mm rockets. Some of its rockets can reach greater Tel Aviv.

"Hiz'B'Allah also has a number of highly advanced weapons systems, including antiaircraft missiles, that constitute a threat to Israeli combat aircraft.

Pic -"
Tair Felsay"


Jeff Wills said...

Hiz'B'Allah is not going away--at least not voluntarily. Negotiations that reach any agreement with the Palestinian people will never be satisfactory to HBA. The struggle is spiritual at this point. We know how this is probably going to end.