Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy BDay Red China!

When it come to the League of Not! Hot Autocrazies - The Chinese Mommyland got game!

Celebrating her 60th this week, last of the old school collectivist regimes brings out the bling in a week long, totally off the hook party.

Ignoring her near death experience way back at T Square 20 years ago, China has managed to embrace a type of instant gratification for her citizens as well as hang on to near total control in a semi open/semi closed unfree society.

Chian's military power is overtly robust though to be fair - she does hang in a tough hood.

Scary scary NoKo guy on the northeast 40 (her own client state - no less), a fully crunk nuked up Pakistan on the south 40, a fun free democrazy like nuclear India, a rowdy, resurgent Russia -- not to mention hot! little hoes like Nippon, SoKo and Taiwan (who could all go nuclear over a long weekend) fronting and showcasing sexyful freedom just out of arms reach.

Ideally, a tiny baby democrazy will be born with all the internal attention it requires to get future China to negotiate for all the goodies she needs instead of cranking out an expensive blue water navy to sealane stuff or act out militarily over resource rich Siberia.


Congrats on the 60th, Red China!

Hope it's the last.

Pic "Peoples Liberation Army stands every ready against capitalist chicanery and the world hegemon"