Tuesday, October 6, 2009

McCat Fight

Well, well, well - is the verdict really in on General McChrystal's pre emptive strike on 44's rather seemingly underwhelming attachment to assorted gigs like, 0h, being Commander In Chief?

First off - and no one has yet to really point this out - General McChrystal's shout out to get serious - any time now would be fine and "...Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is..." may have involved way more than one rowdy hunter killer super ninja Especial Ops cat (true that - General Mac be both Ranger and Green Beret!) sounding off all by his lonesome.

It could be interpreted as Great Satan's entire military establishment pushing 44 to get with it.

Like Sec Gates recent caveat that Taliban has gained momentum, just as Pakistan's Taliban declares nothing but "...love and affection..." for Super Villan OBL and al Qaeda.

Consider - neither CENTCOM, Pentagon or JCS seem to have any probs with AFPAK, McChrystal's strategy, his report, his request or his robust penchant for telling it like it is.

Even 44's 2 metre tall Teufel Hunden at NSC General Jones Jr seemed pretty cool with it - admitting additional troops are part of the answer in an increasingly difficult war in a country with a weak central government currently mired in a possibly fraudulent election plauged with dope dealing creeps, murderous girl phobic time traveling intolerants and a diminishing al Qaeda presence.

And to be fair - time is running out.

The fighting season will soon be past and it could be next year before troops sent could decisively change the theatre in Great Satan's favor -- as General McChrystal sees it.

The Chain of Command smokescreen seems awful suspect too - face it - in Great Satan's military - they don't get any higher than 4 stars - any one that high up is by design very comfy with civilian command.

So as Americans --the pride of our nation, semi surges -- in dark, scary places in the world where a girls school could get a girl a face full of acid -- fight, kill and die in remote corners of the earth -- 44's inactivity (sans failures like health something reform, Olympics, Little Satan's apartment boom in West Bank, energy policies - you know -- all the stuff that really wouldn't matter if a T type attack struck Great Satan) must be maddening.

And that's the rub - civie command as embodied by 44 may be civie light and command free.

Pic - "You wanna cash out and get the hell out of town? - Don't be a baby Remember what you told me"


mauryk2 said...

Historically, in Afghanistan, the only thing that works is quickly go in, take of the bad guys and get out. Long occupations & nation-building don't work.