Friday, October 23, 2009

Strategic Influence

Strategic communication must be strategic. It must be comprehensive. It must be integrated with all other instruments of statecraft, and long-term in nature.

It must be designed to achieve national objectives through means other than lethal combat, and to enhance the capabilities of the warfighters who must go into battle.

Communication cannot be an end in itself, but a means of exerting Great Satan's influence globally in support of her national interests.

"Strategic communication is strategic influence. We mustn’t be ashamed of the concept."


Peter said...

I'm not sure just how well the Strategic Communication is working now with 44 going about the world talking about how wrong the United States has been and please love us while I destroy the economy and then, after that, gut the military because we "can't afford it".

I understood $3's Strategic Communication a lot better. Mess with us and you'll die.