Thursday, May 20, 2010

Clown Wars

Whoa! Only in the magical, mythical ME.

“Armed struggle was the worst tactic that Palestinians could have used against a whole society marked by trauma and paranoia,” the Pulitzer Prizer Kai Bird writes in Crossing Mandelbaum Gate.


"...Mustering populist rhetoric and citing ideals that ceased being fresh a half-century ago, these proponents of an endless armed struggle against Israel often quote the late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser: “What was taken by force, can be only restored by force.”

Things may be changing as Palestine recently unleashed a 'clown offensive' against Little Satan - risible, harmless - goofy goobers to crack wise and draw attention to the abandoned Egyptian Colony on the Strip and the abandoned Jordanian colony in West Bank.

Alas -- for Palestine -- Little Satan was ever watchful and preempted the 'Clown Offensive" not once but twice:

Prado the Clown -- a Spanish mirth merc -- was ejected along with his girlfriend after just 6 hours visiting with Little Satan's anti terror cats enroute to the Strip. He promptly went home and compared the Strip to living in Sept 1939 Poland right around blitzkrieg time.

The 2nd clown -- world famous Great Satan hating Gnome Chomsky -- was ceremoniously ejected from Little Satan enroute to West Bank and promptly condemned Little Satan as being equal to Stalin's collectivist Russia.

Pic "The affirmation of non-violence is potentially its own form of disarmament."